Posted by: Ingrid | April 24, 2009

Hiking Waimea Valley

If you’re ever on Oahu, it’s worth a visit to Waimea Falls.  Had we not met up with friends I would have missed it because normally I wouldn’t consider a 2 mile round trip hike on paved road legitimate exercise and I don’t like having to pay to go hiking.  I’m glad we didn’t miss it though!

Meet our friend the peacock.  He did a great job showing off his plumage.  Very impressive!


This is the sort of lush greenery that we were surrounded by on the hike.  It was amazing.  So were the bugs, it turns out.


I’ve discovered that in a lot of pictures my hands are on my stomach.  Not so much because it’s a comfortable resting place but because I want people to know I’m pregnant.


The main trail had little trailettes (?) branching off of it.  While the two families walked with their 2 and 3 year old, Clint and I took the detours.


I thought the mother chicken and babies were pretty adorable.  It’s a good thing chickens grow up and look less cute.  I might be inclined to consider giving up chicken if they didn’t.


I decided to go green that day, along with the rest of the landscape.



Aren’t the trees amazing! 


Almost to the waterfall.



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