Posted by: Ingrid | April 27, 2009

Fullerton 5K, 25 Weeks-3 Days

The Fullerton Donate Life Organ Donation 5K was this past Saturday.  I mostly signed up because I hadn’t done an event in April yet and this was the only one that fit into the schedule.  I actually don’t like 5K’s that much, mostly because I wonder what the point is.  The better you are the faster you run, and you spend more time waiting around than you do running.  I ran my first and only 5K a little over 2 years ago and had a time of 23:30.  I figured I wouldn’t go longer than 30 minutes at this point.  I’ve come out of the experience still wondering what the point is.  Frankly, if I could run one 5K in under 20 minutes I don’t think I’d ever sign sign up for another one again.  That will have to be at a point where I’m not pregnant though. 🙂

img_3231 img_3232

The shirt still fits.


Par for the course, I did a cut-an-old-dish-towel-print-a-number-and-sew-it-on at the last minute.


Here we have the fast dwindling paper chain (half marathon is on Sunday!) which has been very motivational.


Another shot with the baby.


Here I am at the event.  Ah, the event.  First, I want to say that I think organ donation is an excellent cause.  Nothing I am about to say about the event should take away from that.  However, this is the sort of thing that you either need to plan to spend all day at or you should just send them a check because it’s a good cause.  I didn’t know that.  I figured I’d get there, run, come home, not a big deal.

Organization is key to any large event.  Organization was decidedly lacking at this one despite several volunteers who said they were definitely starting on time this year (should have clued me in right there).  Here is a break down of this lengthy event.

Driving to the event- 20 minutes

Running around trying to find the pre-reg booth (located as far from the parking as you could get)- 20 minutes

Waiting at 9:00 for the event to start as it got warmer and warmer- 30 minutes

Running the 5K -24:40

Trying to find my t-shirt and deciding that hot dogs weren’t good post-5K food -15 minutes

Trying to leave the parking structure where we were told to park- 35 minutes

Driving home-25 minutes

Yes, the parking structure.  There was a slight oversight in that we were directed to park in a structure that the runners and walkers were running around.  After sitting in line in my car I realized that no one was moving.  Apparently they were saying we had to wait until everyone was done walking before they would let us out!  People at the front of the line just left their cars sitting there and took off.  People were on the phone with the police and eventually they let us out a different exit.  It was annoying but funny.

So that was an additional 2 hours invested in a 3.1 mile run that took me just under 25 minutes.  Great cause but I will not be there next year!

The only nice part about the delay at the start was seeing a woman 38 weeks pregnant and chatting with her for a bit.  She’s a marathon runner and looked the part except for her very large stomach.  She looked great and had stopped running two weeks before at her husband’s request.  She really seemed to be enjoying the pregnancy and it was nice having the perspective of someone who had run until 36 weeks.  Not everyone says, “Oh, you signed up for a half marathon next weekend?  What a perfect distance right now!  Good for you!”

Done with the 5K, on to the half marathon!


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