Posted by: Ingrid | May 4, 2009

In and around Oahu








Flowers from my wonderful husband.


Hanauma Bay, where lots and lots of people go to snorkel.  Just a word of advice… we’d already been told to stay out of the sun between noon and 3:00 pm, when it’s deceptively strong despite the cool breezes.  However, just in case you ever go snorkeling for several hours in the morning and think to yourself, Self, snorkeling takes place mostly on your front with your face in the water.  Why don’t you neglect to put any sunscreen whatsoever on your front half?  That sounds like a wise and prudent idea.  If you start having those conversations, stop and apply sunscreen liberally.  EVERYWHERE.


Here we are on the beach, post-snorkeling.


Two of the areas we snorkeled are on the left.


It was a lot of fun.  Until the sunburn set in.  But that was later.  Here we are still blissfully ignorant.


We got enormous burgers and fries for lunch.  We were so hungry!


In the evening we took our sunburned selves to the back of the Hilton where every Friday at 7:30 (Hawaiian time – which means late), they shoot off fireworks.  It was a great display and we were able to catch part of the sunset as well.


Here I contemplate possible Hawaiian maternity wear.  Although the orange mu-mu was quite enticing and had so much room for baby growth, I opted for the smaller number on the right.  A little less jaring on the eyes.


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