Posted by: Ingrid | May 4, 2009

Waimea Falls part 2

Yes, I know… Hawaii was so last month.  One of these days I’ll finish with the pictures and move on.  On our hike to Waimea, many of the trees and plants were labeled with their (very long) Latin name.  This was the funniest tree that we saw, the poor confused thing.


This is the end of the hike, with the falls in the background. 


The water was cold!  We swam out to the falls, which was stronger than it looks.


We’re the two little people waving at the camera.  Clint went under the falls and I stayed at the side and treaded water while he was adventurous.


And then we walked back the mile to the car.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten a towel and didn’t want to put my clothes on and get our friend’s car all wet.  So yes, that is how I “hiked” our last mile.


I call this ensemble, “wimpy feet trump the desire to not look like a moron and why on earth did I not bring a towel when I knew I’d be getting in the water?”  I’m pretty sure the only place this type of outfit is acceptable is at a triathlon.


A view of the North Shore on our drive home.



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