Posted by: Ingrid | May 6, 2009

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

26 weeks 0 days: Weight: 144.4 (up 1.6 lbs)/B:38.5 (same)/W:33.5 (up 0.5″)/H:37 (same) T: 22 (same)




Pictures from 26 weeks 6 days.  At the end of the week my stomach looks bigger than it did last Wednesday, but I haven’t grown any around.  Interesting.

26 Weeks 0 Days-

Make. The. Hiccups. Stop. Not mine, his. It was cute the first couple of times, but constant hiccups from below my belly button on and off all day? I guess you have to figure out the whole swallowing thing somewhere, but there’s not much I can do for an internal case of the hiccups. Standing on my heading and downing teaspoons of sugar seems a bit futile in this case.

26 Weeks 1 Day-

I think my stomach is growing. Fast. It feels bigger. It looks bigger. I feel a little like I did back at the beginning of the second trimester when changes would happen that I wasn’t expecting. Of course, for the next 13.5 weeks I should be expecting our little man to grow, so I shouldn’t think of these changes as disproportional belly growth. I just see so many pregnant women who look so big and uncomfortable and I really don’t want that to be me. I guess I can put up with just about anything for 13.5 weeks, right? I just get so used to where my body is now that it throws me off a little when things suddenly change. Even with my stomach being very much baby, it still seems strange for the expansion there to be okay. When I notice a change in the fit of my maternity shirts there’s sometimes (if I’m not careful) a sense of shame, like how on earth can I have grown that much. Very odd, very misplaced shame, but definitely there at times.

And at those times I remind myself that the funny shirt I have that reads, “Does this baby make me look fat?” still doesn’t fit. And I’m doing okay.

26 Weeks 2 Days-

If the half marathon feels as good as today’s 6 miler, I’m in for a treat. This has been the best I’ve felt since getting back from Hawaii. I’ve noticed this week that running has been difficult and I think it’s more of the same mental game. My goal of the third trimester half marathon is in sight and suddenly I’m questioning everything and talking myself out of it! But come on, how low stress does an event like this get? I’m pregnant. I have nothing to prove (well, except that I can do what I set out to do).

26 Weeks 3 Days-

I have to say, I really enjoyed a Saturday where I got to sleep in, clean the house, see friends, and eat really well. Maybe I’m learning to manage my pre-half marathon stress better.

26 Weeks 5 Days-

I can’t believe how active this little guy is! Forget about running lulling the baby to sleep… I don’t think he’s stopped moving since yesterday after the run. Hiccup…hiccup…bump…roll…bump…hiccup…  It’s not like he has any unexplored territory in there. I have no idea what he’s doing.

I’ve discovered that it’s reassuring to people if I wear maternity clothes that make me look bigger than I am. I think that’s sort of funny.

26 Weeks 6 Days-

Today is a tired grumpy pregnant day.  I’m not sure why I keep ending up half awake around 4:30.  I like getting up early but it doesn’t do me any good around mid-afternoon when I feel like even massive amounts of caffeine wouldn’t be able to keep me awake.  I feel like I need a big warning sign so that people can avoid me before I snap at them, specifically for days like today.

I ended up making another paper chain to get me through week 30.  There are worse things I could be addicted to in pregnancy, I’m sure. 

We had a very sweet moment at bedtime (Clint always comes in and talks to the baby when I go too bed).  Our little one  wasn’t moving until Clint started talking to him and then he started squirming around and kicking (punching?) Clint’s hands.  Awwww…

At 27 weeks our boy is 9.6 inches from head to bottom and over two pounds in weight. According to one site, he’s the size of a small pot roast (I think they ran out of large fruits to use in comparison). If he were born today he would have an 85% survival rate, which is up quite a lot from just a few weeks ago! Apparently he is now able to cry as well. Do babies try crying in the womb or does that come later? Supposedly I should be seeing stretch marks, balance and mobility issues, and have probably gained 16-22 pounds. I’m still hovering in the 15 pound range, have seen no stretch marks, but do find that the floor is a little harder to reach when I’m seated and have to pick something up off the ground.



  1. When Providence was born (just a few weeks older then your little dude is now she was so tiny (just over 2lbs) and would just lie there and focus on breathing, until Jon started talking and then she would lift up her entire head (granted there wasn’t that much to lift) and turn toward his voice. It was amazing to see. It reminds me of your sweet story of your baby communicating with Clint in utero…

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