Posted by: Ingrid | May 11, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 26 Weeks 5 Days – 27 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Elliptical 35/Bike 20/Walked 1 mile/Weights 30-40 minutes

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles (39 minutes)/Walked 2 miles/Abs/Stretch

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles (58 minutes)/Weights 30 minutes/Stretch

Thursday: Ran 4 miles (38 minutes)/Walked 2 miles

Friday: Walked 2 miles/Elliptical 40 minutes/Weights 30 minutes/Abs/Stretch

Saturday: Ran 10 miles (1:40)/Walked 0.5 miles

Sunday: Elliptical 25 minutes/Abs/Stretch/Bike 20 minutes/Weights 30 minutes

Miles Run: 24

Running recovery from a half marathon at this point feels about the same as usual. I actually thought, after doing more cardio than I meant to on Monday, that I’d get out and run 6 miles on Tuesday. Ha! Must develop more realistic recovery goals. If I can do 21 miles this week, I think I’ll be happy. I can always up the mileage next week.

A male co-worker commented to me the other day that I did know that at some point I’d “just have to stop it”, right? (The “it” in question being running.) That made me so mad! I’m quite happy to stop if I feel uncomfortable or am just done, but I don’t want anyone who’s never been pregnant telling me across the board what I need to do. Makes me want to run until the day I deliver, even if that’s 2 weeks late!

Starting to feel a little twinge in the knee that I injured last summer before the Disneyland half. I’ve been really bad about doing the physical therapy stretches that I was doing so consistently before, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m icing it and NOT popping Ibprofen, since that’s a pregnancy no-no. I’m surprised this hasn’t flared up sooner since I’ve been running with so much extra weight on me.

Having run the half marathon this late in pregnancy I think it would be really fun (during some other pregnancy) to run a half marathon every month. I just think that would be a really interesting goal. Maybe a little crazy, but fun.

In the meantime, my short term goal is to get my mileage back up to 30 miles next week and figure out which jogging stroller would be the best. I still have not seen a Phil and Ted stroller at a price that I’m willing to pay. I’ve heard that BOB’s are good (but I’m not sure which kind) and a friend of mine has a Tike Tech and has offered to loan me the stroller and her little girl for a trial run. Now that’s trust!




  1. Only a few days and you will be in your third trimester!! How does it feel? 🙂 I’m so proud of you for exercising during pregnancy. You will be thankful for it when you deliver and during recovery. And I’m glad you’re not listening to those people that tell you you can’t keep running. You will know when it’s too much, even if it is the day you go into labor! 🙂

  2. Thanks Dani! Yes, this will be my 4th week of being welcomed into the third trimester. 🙂 My NP started it at week 26th, so I’ve been going by her count. I love how crazy the counting in pregnancy is… No one seems to agree.

    It feels so good to have come this far!

  3. Take it from someone at 36 weeks – you don’t have to stop! I’ve gotten the “when are you going to stop” comment as well.

    People have a lot of misconceptions about running during pregnancy, and you are a pioneer. Keep it up, you’re kicking major butt!

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