Posted by: Ingrid | May 13, 2009

Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

27 weeks 0 days: Weight: 144.8 (up 0.4 lbs)/B:38.5 (same)/W:33.5 (same)/H:37 (same) T: 22 (same)




Pictures are from 27 weeks 6 days in the evening.  Right after I went out and swallowed a basketball. 

27 Weeks 0 Days-

My weight barely changed this week and my measurements stayed the same, but I look different. This whole pregnancy thing is so interesting, with its growth and changes and redistribution of everything.

I am now being welcomed into the third trimester a second time, this time from my “What to Expect” book. One more week of this before all sources consider me to have arrived.

27 Weeks 1 Day-

I really have not had any cravings for a while now. Food tastes good, I eat it, and most of it is pretty healthy. But the other day I picked up a bundle of those thin brightly colored popsicles that are purely sugar and artificial coloring. I had them once in a very long while as a child at friend’s houses because my mom wouldn’t buy them and I loved the blue ones. Anyway, after two of them last night I realized that I could easily go through the whole pack. In one sitting. I think I’ve found my new favorite after dinner dessert item, even if there is no redeeming value to the popsicles at all.

27 Weeks 2 Days-

The way this little boy thuds around, either he or the rest of the world will be in trouble once he’s born. He really does thud. There is nothing delicate or graceful about these movements that I feel. I’m glad now that babies save most of their growth for the end!

Today was a day when I looked in the mirror and realized that I look huge. Huge compared to a few weeks ago, anyway.

It’s a little odd to realize that I am my baby’s world. All he knows is this relatively small space that he’s confined to, upside down (we hope!) for 9 months.

27 Weeks 3 Days-

There seems to be some northern expansion going on. Our little one has found a new game, one not quite so charming as “Kick the seatbelt” though this game involves kicking too. Kicking and ribs. One minute I’m sitting and reading, the next minute wondering how he was able to reach that high! I’m sure it just gets to be more fun from here. He’s only about 2.5 pounds so it’s not like it hurts… it’s just a very strange sensation.

27 Weeks 4 Days-

I’m noticing a sleep trend. I go to bed at 9:30, exhausted, wake up around 4:00 and hover between sleeping and waking until falling soundly asleep right before my alarm clock goes off at 5:30. I’ve thought about getting up when I’m awake but I’m really afraid I’d start crashing at my desk around 1:30 if I do that. This sleep pattern is not terribly helpful to my daily well being, however. My ideal first pregnancy included many more naps than I’ve managed to find time for in actuality.

27 Weeks 5 Days-

Why do I suddenly feel like everything (face, arms, legs) has gotten bigger? I’m really hoping that it’s all in my head because I already feel quite pregnant enough without any additional baggage.

27 Weeks 6 Days-

This day is not starting out well. In the words of Alexander, it has so far been a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” at least the first 3 hours of it. That’s the sort of day it is when I wake up to foot pain that wasn’t there when I went to bed that keeps me from going on my run and then see that I’ve “gained” 3 pounds in as many days. I refuse for that to be true. I haven’t weighed this much since my sophomore year of college. I will never ever let myself get this big again which means that I’ll have a bit more than my baby/pregnancy weight to lose in 12 weeks.

Looks like 30 miles might not be feasible this week. I hate it when my body feels out of control and makes no sense.

And now onto happier baby things…

Our little boy is supposedly around 2.5 pounds and 14-16 inches long. I can’t believe that he still weighs that little!

If he didn’t start opening his eyes, he will this week. He can also move his head back and forth and might (notice I say might) have hair already. I was pretty bald for the first 6 months of life, so I’m not holding my breath. His brain is developing and brain tissue is increasing. He can also dream while he sleeps (how do they know these things!?!). His lungs are nearly developed and he could now breathe air which means less medical intervention if he were born early.

I received some words of comfort in one of my weekly updates from a pregnancy website. Read this, pregnant women, and be… encouraged?

Added baby weight is taking its toll on your body. Chances are you’re feeling aches and pains all over! Your feet, ankles, and hands may be swollen. Cramps may cause intense pain in your legs, especially at night, and it may be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. You may also be experiencing false contractions (called Braxton Hicks) where your abdomen tightens, then relaxes. Hang in there—you’re getting closer to your due date!

28 Weeks is 7 lunar months pregnant. Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t go by lunar months. Or too bad if I decided to count that way I would have to explain to everyone that I will be pregnant for 10 months and that 10.5 months might not be out of the question. The problem with the nine month system is that it just doesn’t pair well with 40 weeks of pregnancy and you’re left wondering if you should consider month 7 finished at 30 weeks (but that means month 8 and 9 both contain five weeks) or if you tough out another week in month 7, give month 8 four weeks, and go back to five weeks for month 9. Yes, this is the sort of thing that I start thinking about when I can’t nest and the whole of our future is very much up in the air.


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