Posted by: Ingrid | May 14, 2009


We start our Bradley childbirth classes in two weeks. And I am so excited.

Does it sound weird to be so excited to learn about labor?

It probably sounds even weirder to think that I’m so interested to experience labor and everything it involves.

I was already excited about Bradley classes, because, after doing some reading on various methods (I don’t think Clint and I could get through “hee hee” breathing of Lamaze without completely losing it and making fun of the whole deal and potetntially getting kicked out of the class) it sounded like the best way to go. You can read more about the Bradley Method here. Honestly, I’m realizing that I’m much more natural than I ever thought. I remember hearing about epidurals years ago and thinking that I was going to go that route. Now that I’m here, I wish that Kaiser weren’t quite so free, because my ideal would be a homebirth with a midwife. Unfortunately, that costs thousands of dollars and Kaiser, with its gazillion pre-natal visits, is free. Go figure.

So the closest I’m going to get to natural are Bradley classes and a well thought out birth plan. I have not met our Bradley instructor yet. I figured that she had given birth at some point, but sort of wondered how old this person was and if it was 40 years ago? 10? 5?

Turns out the answer is last year. To twins. At home. Naturally. A friend of mine showed me a photo montage that our instructor’s midwife had put together (note that these are pictures of a birth, so don’t go there if you’re squeamish or think that birth is gross or are under the impression that a stork with a little hat on delivers babies). I cry every time I watch it because it’s just amazing and birth is amazing and babies are amazing and there go my pregnancy hormones again… Kleenex, please. But getting a glimpse of this woman’s experience and thinking more about how amazingly well our bodies are designed to handle the birth process made me think that this class will not just be interesting, it will be AWESOME.

So that’s what I’m eagerly anticipating in two weeks, but there’s a whole lot more going on before then, which is nice.  Starting with our trip to Michigan from tomorrow through Monday night.  Part of me is starting to think that the next 11 weeks and 5 days will fly by.  Part of me is still not sure.  And part of me wants to make mass quantities of frozen meals to store in the deep freeze we don’t have in the new apartment that doesn’t exist yet for after the birth.



  1. i’m glad you’re going with danielle! i hadn’t heard since i gave you her number. i saw her photos during class and kevin and i marveled at how big her belly got! did you check out the pictures i have on my blog from the reunion? she looks great now!!!

    way to go with officially declaring you’re going natural! that’s the best way to prepare is just to not make anything else an option!!! it’s so rough but it’s also the most amazing experience and i’m glad i felt it, in the end! (if you’d asked me in the middle of it i would have probably punched you though!)

    good luck and i’ll keep checking the blog until i see pictures of your little one!

  2. Natural birth is all about pain management and pacing. And as a runner, you’ve got that in the bag. You are going to be a million times better off than anyone who isn’t an endurance athlete – and don’t forget that when the Nay-sayers speak up.

    Enjoy the class!

  3. Bradley is a great method. Enjoy the classes.

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