Posted by: Ingrid | May 28, 2009

Our Umpteenth Doctor’s Appointment

Can I just say that I have the best husband ever? He has been to every doctor’s visit with me during this pregnancy while working several part time jobs and taking 15 graduate units. What a good man!

I had my 30 week appointment last night and learned that I get to start coming in every 2 weeks at this point. Every 2 weeks?!? This is seriously going to kill my social life between appointments and sundry baby classes and Bradley classes on Thursday nights… Then at 36 weeks it becomes every week. I don’t think I can handle the excitement and joy of that many doctor’s visits in a 10 week span. I still don’t understand how a pee-in-a-cup and whip-out-the-tape-measure visit can take 2 hours. If Isaac goes to full term, that’s another 7+ trips to the doctor. Oy. Fortunately we love both our RN and NP. Well, I love everything except for the fact that our NP was starting the Master Cleanse lemonade diet on my last appointment and actually said that it contained all the vitamins and minerals (we’re talking lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup here) you need. WHERE DID SHE TAKE HER NUTRITION CLASSES? (Ahem. Sorry, pet peeve.)

BP was 113/74, HR was 65, Isaac’s was 145. Nothing was said about the 17-18 pounds I’ve gained so far. I am measuring a little bit small, so they’re going to do another ultrasound to make sure that I really am just carrying Isaac in my hips and nothing is wrong as well as to check to see where the placenta is. I’m hoping that they will also be able to confirm that Isaac really is Isaac and not Isaacina. I don’t anticipate anything being wrong and I’m definitely not going to argue over another ultrasound!

I also discovered that I will be allowed to go until 42 weeks if Isaac takes forever making his appearance. That was good to hear. Not that I ever want to become intimately acquainted with that particular phase of pregnancy, but I’d rather feel like a hot, grumpy, pregnant whale than go to a doctor that’s induction happy. (And if I do go that long, rest assured I will be calling those of you who were induced, just to remind myself that pitocin should be avoided if at all possible.) Still working on figuring out what the hospital means by fetal monitoring though.

I also asked the doctor about the side cramps that I sometimes get while running and was reassured when she told me that it’s just Isaac in a weird position pressing against some organs. What a relief! Apparently I should be doing exactly what I’ve been doing (stopping, leaning to the other side, and massaging the area). It was so nice to know that nothing is wrong and it made it much less stressful when I got a cramp a mile into this morning’s run. All I have to do is convince my baby to move? No problem! So much better than thinking some organ is detaching from the rest of my body.

No more doctor for another 2 weeks!





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