Posted by: Ingrid | June 1, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 29 Weeks 5 Days – 30 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Ran 10 miles (1:39:30)/Walked 0.5/Stretch

Tuesday: Stretch/Abs/Swim 20 minutes (700 yards)/Elliptical 30/Walk 1 mile

Wednesday: Ran 5.5 miles (55 minutes)/Walked 1 mile

Thursday: Ran 6.5 miles (1:02 minutes)/Walked 2 miles/Abs/Stretch

Friday: Elliptical 40/Weights 30/Walk 2 miles/Stretch

Saturday: Ran 9 miles/Walked 1 mile/Abs/Stretch

Sunday: Off

Miles Run: 31

On Monday (Memorial Day) I must have stopped 15 times trying to get rid of the stupid cramp thing that always happens on the same time. So frustrating, especially since I don’t know why it happens or how to make it stop! One more thing to ask the doctor about and probably not get an answer to… I know that I shouldn’t get mad at my body when that happens, but boy is it hard not to!

I always feel a little weird when it comes to holidays. In my mind it’s the chance to get in two long runs in a week but it seems so counter-intuitive to the holiday sleeping in and relaxing mentality.

I can’t believe that I almost messed up my running by going for a 20 minute swim. I will not make that mistake again! Still on track to run 30 miles this week.

I just couldn’t make it to 32 miles this week. I came close (and I am not at all displeased by 31 – not by a long shot!), but I just didn’t have the mental stamina to get through that last mile. This might have been my last “over thirty” week, as next week I have a 10K on Saturday (giving me 26 miles at the most) and who knows how I’ll feel a couple of weeks down the road. I’m certainly okay with my long runs shortened to 8-9 miles at this point.

I have to say that I really look forward to those last couple of weeks when I’m off work and can run without the pressure of having to be at my desk at 8:00. Provided that I’m still running at that point, of course.

I can safely assure you though, that I probably will NOT be swimming!

My goal this coming week is to get in 26 miles (alternate 6/4/6/4 Monday through Thursday) with a 10K in Long Beach on Saturday.


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