Posted by: Ingrid | June 2, 2009

Kitty for a weekend


This past weekend was fairly uneventful, which I loved.  It meant several naps and cooking a few meals and packing up boxes for our inevitable move to somewhere and beginning another book by Stephen Lawhead.  The interuption to the weekend came in the form of a little fur ball (so cute!  so flea infested!) that my dear husband heard meowing atop a tree in the park and saved (I believe it took a run to the store for a can of tuna and several other passerbys to accomplish the kitty rescue.)  So I arrived home to a surprise kitten living in a box in our bathroom.

She was so afraid of us at first, but a little tuna and a lot of sweet talk goes a long way.  But after the initial exclamations of how cute she was, how tiny, how adorable, etc., I started to think it through.

A) We have no cat stuff.

B) She has fleas.

C) We’re not supposed to have pets in the apartment.

D) Did I mention the fleas?

E) I’m pregnant, she’s a stray, and if you google stray cats and pregnancy you get all sorts of scary possibilities.

F) Did I mention that I’m pregnant?  And that the thought of finding supplies for, bathing (multiple times), and finding a vet for a kitten that might possibly be harboring some sort of disease sounded daunting and expensive, to say the least?

Poor husband rounded the corner only to have me look up from my internet research and burst into tears.  I quite possibly have not cried in… weeks?  months?  So much for those pregnancy hormones.  But out it all (very tearfully) came.  I didn’t know how to take care of her.  I didn’t know what to do.  *Sniffle, sob, sniffle, and copious tears*

So we did the best we could, feeding her tuna, listening to her pleas to join us (such a cute meow!), and watching her get used to us being around her.  We took her to the SPCA yesterday, where they will give her the necessary shots and put her up for adoption (maybe de-flea her too… that would be good).  We also took down her ID number, just in case, well… I’ll leave that to your imagination.  Did you know that if you’ve never adopted from the SPCA it’s only $32?

I have to say, I really missed her plaintive Meow from behind the bathroom door last night.

If we were living in a sappy animal film I would have found her meowing on our doorstep last night while the sun was going down and I was cooking dinner, but no such luck.


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