Posted by: Ingrid | June 3, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 31

30 weeks 0 days: Weight: 147.2 (up 1.6 lbs)/B:39 (same)/W:34.5 (same)/H:37 (same) T: 22 (same)




I took the pictures above at 30 weeks 6 days and all I can think when I look at them is How are you still running, woman?  Then as I was sorting through pictures last night I found the picture below, from 6 weeks pregnant (25 weeks ago!) and all I want to do is buy that poor girl a square meal or maybe a t-shirt that reads FEED ME.  17-18 pounds makes a big difference.  I feel like I don’t quite recognize either one of me.


30 Weeks 0 Days-

I had a very bad pregnancy afternoon yesterday, but thanks to a bubble bath, popsicle, and a good night’s sleep, today seems to be looking up. I think part of it is simply the fact that the novelty has worn way off and I have stressful things on the periphery of life that I’m sort of thinking about but sort of can’t think about at the same time.

I have hit the three-quarters mark though, and that feels good. My next paper chain will take me to 37 weeks (full term) and then, if I have any energy at that point, there will be another paper chain for the last 3-5 weeks. I know that the time will pass quickly, I still can’t believe May is almost over. I remember thinking in January that May would never come and here we are about to start our short Fridays at work. Time is moving and there are lots of things to look forward to and figure out. I just feel sort of stuck right now. Stuck and large. And warm. What a nice pregnancy combo. 😛 

30 Weeks 1 Day-

I always wanted to be one of those pregnant women who people look at and exclaim, “You would never know you were pregnant from behind!” Now that I am one of those people I find it a little weird that what a lot of us want to hear is to be told, esentially, “You look great pregnant because you don’t look it at all!” Huh.

30 Weeks 2 Days-

The best thing about being this far along in pregnancy is all of the movement. I never get sick of feeling Isaac moving and bumping into my sides and seeing my belly bounce up and down. He does this quite frequently when I lie on one side or the other, as if to say, “Hey, why are you cramping my space… MOVE!” He was decidedly alarmed when I lay outside on my stomach last weekend (I know, I know. I’m pregnant, but sometimes I forget that my stomach sticks out and I figure that pregnant and in a bikini by the pool will draw slightly fewer stares than pregnant, in a bikini, with my stomach propped up by pillows by the pool.) and kicked and squirmed like crazy the whole time. Last night as I was lying in bed I could feel his hand (foot? knee? elbow?) moving right under my fingertips and all I could think about was how incredibly alive he is.

30 Weeks 3 Days-

Today is one of those days that I look in every mirror to admire my belly. It’s so big! And adorable! It’s a lot of fun feeling this way.

I have now taken a nap two days in a row (while working on our Bradley relaxation exercises at the same time… and kegeling… it’s amazing how much you can multi-task while relaxing!) I have to say that the naps are very helpful at this point, especially having come home from work to my dear husband napping every day this week… Nothing like a bad case of nap envy directed squarely at your significant other.

30 Weeks 4 Days-

To all the husbands of pregnant women out there. It is probably best not to tell your wife that she looks like a malnourished aborigine when pregnant. Just saying. Unless she’s having a good humored pregnancy day, that is.

30 Weeks 5 Days-

I have this vague idea that once upon a time my clothes actually involved things like zippers, snaps, and buttons. Now every waistband is elastic. God bless the inventor of elastic.

30 Weeks 6 Days-

I got home from work last night and needed to take a nap before even thinking about making dinner. How ridiculous is that? I still can’t believe how tiring growing a baby can be. And I still think that we should have mandatory nap break at work.

Dear Isaac,

I have to say, I feel like you guys are ganging up on me already. Every time I try to get your father over to feel just how much you roll around you suddenly go all quiet on me and your father has NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE and I end up looking like a wimp. Can I tell you how annoying that is? Last night you finally let your daddy glimpse what it’s like to be me, when I sprawled on our bed to read and you started doing your crazy alien baby dance. I figured you’d stop as soon as we had company, but you kept right on going, poking and rolling and bumping into your dad’s hand and looking for all the world like you were trying to pop out of my side (just FYI, that’s not the exit). It was very gratifying to finally have witnessed the amazing belly contortions that you create. So thanks for your cooperation. Finally.

Apparently this week you’ve packed on a little weight, placing you in the 3-3 pound 8 ounce weight range. Supposedly you might also have have grown another inch, bringing you to about 18 inches long. You’ve got another 3-5 pounds to pack on there, buddy, so get moving. I’m really hoping that baby weight gain is genetic because I was 7 pounds 3 ounces and your dad was about the same. I think the 7 pound range would be a good range for you as well, speaking from my totally biased perspective as the woman who has to give birth to you eventually.

On Friday we get to see pictures of you. Mostly I’m not concerned and I have a fairly good guess of what we would find if we took a look at you right now. I’m not really worried that you’re too small or not growing, but then again, as a mom it seems innate to worry about those things even though everything is probably fine. I have to say, I’m excited that we get to see more pictures to tide us over until we meet you.

I am starting to notice that my back is sore sometimes, though I haven’t gained much weight this past month and certainly haven’t put on the 21-27 pounds that some websites think appropriate. I’m still up for any backrubs that I can get out of this pregnancy deal though. No argument here!

While your dad is finishing papers and I’m working and going a little crazy wondering what life will be like in the next month (2 months? 3 months?) and wondering how much ice cream I should buy next time I’m at the store, you’re just hanging out, squishing my lungs and stomach (air and food… both still necessary even while pregnant), developing your brain and getting to a point where you can use all 5 of your senses. That’s pretty amazing!

You have continued to be a little stinker on our runs, and still like playing with whatever organ is on my right side. Hopefully when I stop by the side of the road to massage you out of the way no one thinks that the crazy pregnant runner is going into labor. That would be just a tad embarrassing this early on. I do have people offering their place in line at restrooms now, but that doesn’t seem quite as bad as offers to help with a roadside delivery. That would be awkward. I’m glad we can run together and I hope you love the running stroller that your Grandpa and I got you. It doesn’t come with any fun internal organs to play with, but it’s all you get once your days using my spleen or liver or pancreas as a squeeze toy are over.






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