Posted by: Ingrid | June 6, 2009

He’s cute and he has a brain

Last night we went over to Anaheim for our third trimester ultrasound to check on Isaac’s growth.  The tech wouldn’t tell us anything, of course (and I tried but failed to see anything on the screen that might give me more information), so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday’s appointment to get anything conclusive.  We did re-confirm several times that Isaac is still a boy.  This was good to hear, since after playing the fill-in-the-blank middle name game we’d decided to call him Isaac Timothy.  It would have been such a shame to go to all that work only to start over with girls’ names.  I think I would have cried.

We also discovered that Isaac is head down (hurrray!) but face up (ow!), so I’m hoping he decides to practice rolling over sometime in the next few weeks.  It’s just crazy how much they can see on an ultrasound!  We looked at his spine, the four chambers of his heart beating, his kidneys and stomach and brain.  He punched the ultrasound wand, much to the tech’s delight.  She took a lot of (grainy and fuzzy) headshots because she thought he had such a cute little boy’s face.  I certainly didn’t mind!

We tried to determine whether or not he had Clint’s nose in a profile shot without much success.  As long as Isaac doesn’t have my husband’s head circumference I’m happy…


This shot (I know, I know, blurry like most ultrasounds) is one of the pictures of his face.  He opened his eyes a couple of times while we were watching,which was very cool.  It’s one thing to read that the baby can do that and another thing entirely to see your child blinking at you.  Anyway, he’s on his side and looks so peaceful and content!

I’m so excited to meet our little boy!



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