Posted by: Ingrid | June 10, 2009

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks (Are we almost there yet?)

31 weeks 0 days: Weight: 146.4 (down 0.8 lbs)/B:39 (same)/W:35 (up 0.5″)/H:37 (same) T: 22 (same)





31 Weeks 0 Days-

63 days until my due date! How crazy is that? It’s really and truly 2 months away now. I’m sure that would sink in more if I could remember that we’re now in June.

Something that was mentioned to me yesterday is something that I think will help with perspective when I’m in labor. The woman I was talking to told me that it helped to remember that a contraction lasts maybe a couple of minutes at the most but in between (until you get to the end, I’ve heard) the pain goes away. I can wrap my mind around dealing with and breathing through pain in 30 second to 2 minute intervals as long as I get a break afterwards. We’ll see how the actual event plays out, I guess, but I will keep that in mind!

31 Weeks 1 Day-

Must stop eating peanut butter and whipped cream straght out of the containers at night. Got stress? Unfortunately, that food combo (peanut butter has protein, right?) along with chocolate chips do not make a good healthy pregnancy power snack. So annoying. I feel like I’m starting to lose perspective in these last 9 weeks and I need to stay focused. It’s that black and white thinking of mine resurfacing. If I gain 0.5 pounds to a pound a week (either would be normal) I’ll gain another 4.5 to 9 pounds (baring any swelling of course) before this pregnancy is over. I’m not going to stay on track with that if I insist on eating not so great stuff! I think that partly it’s hard at this point because I feel bigger and heavier and a lot more tired and part of me feels like it would be easier to just not care. In the long run, however, I really don’t want to deal with the results of that mindset after giving birth!

31 Weeks 2 Days-

I still haven’t noticed consistent back pain, but I do have a 2 inch spot on my ribs in the back where I seem to collect invisible knots. By that I mean that all that’s there is bone so I’m not sure what’s hurting. My short term fix was to put my stapler between the offending spot and my desk chair and lean against it, hard, all afternoon. Then I found that there is a much better way. You see, this is part of the reason why you get married (thanks, Sweetie!). In fact, Clint was so effective in getting rid of the pain that he now checks in with me daily to see if he needs to do a little preventative maintenance on my back. Why yes, now that you mention it, my back is starting to twinge just a little, Honey. What a good guy!

31 Weeks 3 Days-

We have been experiencing some lovely June gloom this year. With being this pregnant I have been hoping that June would be nice and gloomy. So far the weather has cooperated and we’ve even had a bit of rain! June is about as cloudy and grey as southern California gets and I love it! Temperatures in the 70’s and cloudy mornings for the most part. I used to think I would hate being pregnant in the summer, and July might be a bit annoying, but what a pleasant June!

31 Weeks 4 Days-

Starting to find some ideas for getting Isaac to turn around and get into the best position for labor. One booklet suggested spending time on hands and knees. Not just a measley 5 minutes, of course. That won’t help at all! The suggestion was, while watching tv, to walk around on my hands and knees for at least 30 minutes. First of all, we have no tv. Secondly, with boxes everywhere in our tiny places there’s hardly any place to walk, let alone crawl.

On the other hand, Clint’s reaction would probably be priceless.

31 Weeks 5 Days-

Try as I might to get out of the 31 weeks blahs I don’t don’t seem to be getting anywhere. This pregnancy feels like it’s going to last forever and I want out of my body that feels like it now belongs to someone else.

I would also like a softer floor in my cubicle. It would make for easier napping on my lunch breaks.

31 Weeks 6 Days-

Last night I finally went out and bought what might have been the first ice cream since the first trimester when sweets sounded horrible. It was very very good and surprisingly satisfying even in a small coffee cup sized amount. What I would love to eat in bulk however, are berries. A huge flat of strawberries is what I’m craving right now… I miss the fruit stands that used to pop up all over Fresno in the spring.

Eight lunar months pregnant!

Dear Isaac,

If I didn’t know that you were head down I would seriously think that you’re doing pull ups with my ribs. While simultaneously doing the splits. It is not very comfortable for me although you seem to be having a grand old time on the inside. It seems that the more tired I get the more active you are which is no fun. You must run on energizer batteries or something. Maybe all this will change when you get to the “real world”. Maybe then I’ll have energy again and you’ll sleep. Lots. Oh, please sleep. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

Today we get to find out approximately how big you are at my doctor’s appointment. According to the weekly updates you could be almost 19 inches long now and in the 4 pound range. I’m guessing you’re on track for size even though I’m not, especially considering that your rump is facing the wrong way. Get that baby butt in the right place and I’m thinking that will make up for the lacking centimeters. Of course, then I won’t be able to breathe. Life is always full of trade offs, let me tell you.

You got some very cute things at your baby shower last weekend and I wish I could start decorating a nursery for you. All of this cuteness lying around and I’m supposed to accomplish the task of packing boxes and anti-nesting? I’d say that one day you’ll understand, but being the boy you are you will never know the feeling of wanting so badly to nest and being unable to do so.

I have to say that I’m very ready to meet you and be done with this whole pregnancy thing. I still have 8 weeks left of more heartburn, an ever expanding uterus, the combined weight of you plus some promised swelling (goody), and difficulty breathing. You are, of course, worth all of the effort and annoyance, but eight weeks sounds like forever. Seriously. You still need to get your lungs in good working order, so I guess you can stay put a while longer, buddy.

We thought you were pretty cute at your ultrasound but I really can’t wait to see all that cuteness in person. In the meantime, relax, keep growing, and turn, baby, turn!





  1. Gabe is a stellar back-rubber, too. I used to ask only occasionally, but now he usually gives me one almost every night. Lovely, lovely man.

    When my babies are turned the wrong way around, I head for Dr. Anne (my chiropracter). She’s specially trained to work with pregnant women and turning babies is something she has had a lot of success at. I am quite sure that Josiah’s reasonably good position at birth was entirely due to her good care in the last 4-5 weeks.

    If you want her info I’ll get it to you. She is AMAZING. I almost wish I needed more chiropractic care just so I could go see her more often. 🙂

  2. I totally know this is colored by my experience, but . . . those 8 more weeks are a GOOD thing. They’re eight weeks when you get to breathe for Isaac, rather than having a machine breathe for him, you know?

    Not that that helps with the back pain!

    I just have to say, I know it’s a cliche, but when I saw you last week, you were glowing! It might not feel like it, but you look very content and peaceful in your pregnancy. Sorry I didn’t get to talk more – my brother’s getitng married very soon and there were Wedding Issues going on. 😀

  3. Em, I would love to get the chiropractic info, just in case Isaac decides to be stubborn.

    Jess, I actually am looking forward to the next 8 weeks in some ways… there’s a lot going on and I look forward to being off work a few weeks before my due date and taking naps. And goodness, yes! I would hate to see our little boy come too early and need special care.

    Wedding Issues… I don’t miss those at all. In fact, I would take swollen ankles over Wedding drama any day. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Ingrid. I know it’s mostly my issues that make me wince when people complain about the last couple months of pregnancy – I’m sure I did it with my first two!

    And oh, yes, wedding stuff. I dunno – I think mine was less dramatic. But though my brother is marrying a WONDERFUL person, I’m sure going to be glad when they’re just MARRIED ALREADY! 😀

  5. I wonder what he meant by the wink at the ultra sound?

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