Posted by: Ingrid | June 17, 2009

Pregnancy: Week 33

32 weeks 0 days: Weight: 148.6 (up 2.2 lbs)/B:38.5 (down 0.5″)/W:35 (same)/H:37.5 (up 0.5″) T: 22.25 (up 0.25″)




32 Weeks 0 Days-

Last night we went to Marie Callendar’s for dinner to use up a gift card (and so I wouldn’t have to cook after our long doctor’s appointment). There was a high school choir having a banquet there and I wish I’d taken my opportunity, when we walked up and all of the students were milling around out front, to walk right through their group and say loudly, “This is why NONE OF YOU need to be having sex right now. You are so not ready for this.” Missed opportunities are so sad, aren’t they?

I am also having to reconcile myself to an almost 20 pound weight gain. This is still hard, even after all these months. My body just seems to want to do this, despite the care that I’m taking. I guess I can’t really do more than that, even though I’d hoped to have better results at this point.

32 Weeks 1 Day-

I was doing so well until I (while looking up people’s experiences with post partum running in a Runner’s World Forum) discovered another woman at 32 weeks who’d gained about 7 pounds and was running 60-80 miles a week. Doctor is fine with it and baby is growing. Augh. You just never know when it’s going to jump out and bite you. My body is fine. I’m pregnant. Gaining weight is okay. But it could always be better…

I would really like to be one of the women who stop gaining weight around 36 weeks. Maybe that’s too much to ask though.

I think Isaac underestimates his size. There is no way he needs to be rolling around in there the way he insists on doing. Save that for outside!

32 Weeks 2 Days-

Supposedly this is the week that the amount of amniotic fluid peaks and then starts to go down. Meaning that Isaac’s already rough and tumble movements are going to get less cushioned. Oh boy. I look forward to when he can expend some of that energy climbing trees.

32 Weeks 3 Days-

Today I passed IHOP at mile 1.5 of my 10 mile run. And all I could think about for the next 8.5 miles was pancakes. Mmmm… pancakes with syrup and peanut butter.

32 Weeks 4 Days-

Oh goodness. I should have thought to be careful of delayed tiredness while pregnant. Yesterday I ran 10 miles, packed and moved boxes all afternoon with friends and thought nothing of it. Today I was exhausted! I have to say though, I cannot imagine going through all of this and trying to move if I had to take it easy or be on bedrest. Just another reminder to be grateful for such an uneventful pregnancy, even if I am tired today.

32 Weeks 5 Days-

Still trying to figure out why the skin around my belly button is chafing. Maybe it’s all the sandpaper maternity clothes I’m wearing…? And on the subject of maternity clothes, I am ready to not be wearing clothing that has “motherhood” or some cutesy pregnancy pun on the label.

32 Weeks 6 Days-

So many books have talked about vivid baby dreams while pregnant. I’ve had more vivid dreams (I think) but none involving babies until last night. Suddenly I was having a baby, a very small little girl (oops!). Once she was born I realized (after pumping on one side) that maybe I should be feeding the baby instead (oops again). Then as I was walking around the room several hours later and thinking about how I didn’t feel sore at all I reminded the doctor that I had to deliver the placenta too. Because he had totally forgotten about that small detail of labor (triple oops!).

Weird as all of that was at least it was baby related and I wasn’t running around in the trenches of World War 1 like I was a few weeks ago. And how did I know it was World War 1? Because that part of the dream was in black and white. Obviously.

Dear Isaac,

I’m a little unsure of what to say to you this week. I really want you to come soon, for all sorts of reasons, some of them very selfish. On the other hand, I see those three weeks between my last day at work and your due date as this blissful golden hazy dream that I can’t wait to experience. Because of that, I really want you to be on time, also for some very selfish reasons, most of them having to do with the fact that your mom is an introvert and just wants some space and quiet. A few days early wouldn’t be bad though, so I’m trying to remind you on a daily basis that August 1 sounds like a great day for a birthday! Whether you’re listening or not is anyone’s guess. A common theme in parenting, I’ve heard.

My current fixation this week has been trying to figure out if we can make it to Disneyland before you show up and if I can ride all the rides that make it worth going in the first place. Initially, I really wanted to hike Half Dome again, but I don’t know… driving to Yosemite and hiking 18-20 miles sometime between 37-40 weeks doesn’t sound like the best thing to do at that point. Plus it would probably derail my running for the week and wouldn’t that be sad? So Disneyland… I know that all of the “fun” rides involve signs that say “Expectant mothers should not ride.” Obviously I will be very expectant at the time and I don’t think it would be possible to pass myself off as heavier rather than pregnant. Those baggy tee-shirts that used to make me look pudgy just aren’t as baggy anymore thanks to you, kid. So I’m waiting on a reply from Disneyland, because I want to cover all my bases. Is there any reason why a full term preggo shouldn’t ride Space Mountain and Indiana Jones? How on earth would that be different than a 10 mile run at that point or your dad driving me around the neighborhood. Oh wait, did I just say that out loud…? I just want to know if I’m going to be asked to step out of line or if I need a doctor’s note or if people will just give me dirty looks. It sure would be nice to go there with you but without a stroller and a diaper bag.

Personally, I think that the worst that could happen would be me going into labor and that would be great! I would write glowing reviews about Disneyland and then pregnant women could flock there, just like they go to that Italian restaurant in the south somewhere that serves a dish that supposedly sends women into labor. I will take a trip to Disneyland as a natural labor inducer over spicy eggplant any day.

This week you might be 17-19.5 inches long and 4.5-5 pounds heavy. And boy oh boy are you starting to feel heavy. Can I just say again how thankful I am that you didn’t grow like this at the beginning? That would have made for a l-o-o-o-o-o-ong nine months. Your immune system is kicking into gear and your bones (except for your skull, thank heavens!) are starting to harden. You will be packing on about 0.5 pounds a week now, which is bringing me closer than I would like to be to this week’s recommended gain of 22-28 pounds. If we could keep the gain at your 0.5 pound per week and skip that fat the seems to want to accumulate on me, I would like that very much.

You are changing my life in so many ways, kiddo. The latest realization being that I toss and turn all night (I tell you, it takes skill to do this in one fluid motion and take your body pillow with you) and am no longer a confirmed stomach sleeper. Not only do you hate it when I even make the attempt to lay on the bed face down but the sensation is like trying to balance on a somewhat deflated ball. Awkward and not at all comfortable. Oh well, I’m pretty sure I can get through almost anything for another 7 weeks weeks. We’re just under 50 days until your due date today and I have to say that feels really good.




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