Posted by: Ingrid | June 26, 2009

106 degrees and pregnancy don’t mix

Since we didn’t have enough to do with trying to get out of and clean the apartment before June 30th, we’re attempting to do all that in between two weekends away. Last weekend to the Bay Area, this weekend to Fresno, to see family and friends. Except I just checked the weather report and it’s supposed to be 106 degrees tomorrow. 106??!?!?!?! Who lives in weather like that? What do you wear in weather like that when you’re pregnant? (And yes, I grew up there, but still… 106?) So I’m thinking of looking for some new family on Craig’s List. Maybe some family that lives in Seattle who I could comfortably visit during my 35th week of pregnancy.

I will be glad when the apartment is done, I can sleep through the night again, can get my exercise schedule back on track, and I can stack and organize the boxes that are towering in piles everywhere in the house we are temporarily staying in. Maybe I can also install the car seat and wash baby clothes. That will be the extent of my nesting this pregnancy, I guess. That, along with a 5K or 10K will consume my 4th of July weekend, I’m guessing.

Random Friday linkage… I haven’t read this blog but I’ve loved following the maternity series that this man has done of his wife’s pregnancy. And now she’s almost there.

Now, off to Fresno to try to fry eggs on the sidewalk.


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