Posted by: Ingrid | July 1, 2009

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks – Wait, how did I get here?

34 weeks 0 days: Weight: 149.6 (same)/B:38.5 (same)/W:35 (same)/H:37.5 (same) T: 22 (same)




34 Weeks 0 Days-

All of my measurements stayed the same this week, but Isaac’s activity is off the charts. I don’t know how someone that big can move around that much with so little room!

The June gloom has lifted and it is beginning to warm up. Which means that to me it feels like it is hot, Hot, HOT! One thing I’d consoled myself with was the fact that we tend to have an overzealous AC unit in our office and I figured that it wouldn’t be bad to be hot and pregnant in the summer if 40 hours of my week were spent in a super air conditioned office. Until our AC unit started spitting out hot air a week and a half ago. Foiled again.

34 Weeks 1 Day-

I discovered last night that when I get busy packing and end up forgetting to drink or eat and carry too much I end up getting one long Braxton Hick’s contraction. Not fun. Not painful either but very weird to feel everything tighten up.

I was paid the nicest compliment last night when I was cleaning the apartment with a couple of angelic women who came over to help. “You must be pretty calm and easy-going to be dealing with everything the way you are.” Ha! Not by a long shot, but apparently I’m beginning to learn, which is encouraging

I am also learning that I don’t like sleep deprivation. Two nights in a much larger new place has had me not falling asleep for several hours and then waking up multiple times every hour for the rest of the night. Seriously, no newborn could be on a feeding schedule that bad, so after this, Isaac should be a breeze, right?

We had our fourth Bradley class tonight and found out that one of the couples wouldn’t be back. They lost their baby over the weekend at 22 weeks. She’d had complications the whole pregnancy (and with her previous pregnancy as well) but to be 5 months pregnant… I can’t even imagine and I’m so sad for the family.

34 Weeks 2 Days-

I am beginning to understand why people say you gain 1-2 pounds a week during the third trimester. It’s all the cake and baby showers. Enough said.

I never thought that I would be this thankful for a fixed AC unit and for being too cold once more.

34 Weeks 3 Days-

It’s a good thing Isaac has some padding around him because these days I tend to mis-estimate my size a lot, bumping into chairs and doorways because I’m not used to my stomach sticking out quite so much. I am happy to report that I can still see my feet though. If I position them in the right place, that is.

34 Weeks 4 Days-

My belly button is popped out, which is fine by me, since I think it’s sort of cute and funny looking, but it keeps reminding me of one of those timers that pops up when the food is done. And I am not ready to be done. As much as the early days of pregnancy had me wishing for a 37 week pregnancy, now I’m wanting the full 40 weeks for my sanity and preparations sake. I didn’t think I’d feel that way, but the prospect of being off work, of going to the beach and organizing baby stuff and seeing people and drinking coffee over my journal and a good book in our (temporary but lovely) back yard has me hoping that Isaac will be nice and hold out for the arbitrary 40 week mark.

34 Weeks 5 Days-

My favorite line that people say to me these days is the variation on, “You’re not huge at all!” While meant as a compliment, you should probably refrain from using the word huge, in whatever context, when speaking to a pregnant woman.

34 Weeks 6 Days-

Being in Fresno, where the heat was unbearable, has put the mid-80’s of southern California into perspective for me. I was starting to be annoyed that it was getting warm, but after feeling 103 degrees for the weekend I LOVE the 80’s. I guess it could always be worse.

No one told me it was possible to feel this good at the end of week 35. I feel amazing! Two nights of decent sleep agrees with me, I think.

Well, some books may disagree with me on the counting here, but this is where I plan on leaving month 8 and moving into month 9. Yes, month 9 will have 35 days and 5 weeks. Deal with it.

Dear Isaac,

You are one squirmy little guy! It is becoming more and more apparent to me, as I sometimes feel little legs attached to your knee or foot or whatever happens to be hitting me in the rib at the time, that you are truly a little person in there. Not that I doubted your reality before, but holy cow! You’re all connected in there! I can’t imagine how squished that would feel, but I’d love it if you could stay put for a while longer. Like exactly 5 more weeks.

I was told the other day that I’m carrying you high but I really haven’t noticed a problem breathing yet. I appreciate that, since I consider airflow to be one of those things I just don’t want to live without. You are in the 18-20.5 inch range still and are probably 5.5-6 pounds. That’s a lot of baby in there! You are definitely growing and stretching out my stomach. It helps that your dad says multiple times a day how much he loves my pregnant stomach and how cute it is.

One of the pregnancy websites says that you are full term at 35 weeks. Please don’t listen to those delusional people. You have 5 more weeks of hanging out to do in there, even though a lot of your growing is done. Your lungs are almost ready to breathe air but you need a little more baby fat before you can keep yourself warm out here.

I have to admit, I’m getting a little jumpy now. I feel like you could just show up any time. Odds say that you won’t, but it’s hard not to be oversensitive to my body and constantly wonder if certain things mean something while hoping all the while that they don’t. Talk to me at 40 weeks and 1 day and I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune.

One website compared you to a small roasting chicken, which sounds funny. What happened to my little blueberry sized baby?!? It’s amazing how fast you grew. You would now have a 99% chance of survival if you were born today and that’s pretty amazing. You go ahead and work on that last 1% and grow for another 5 weeks, okay little guy? I need some down time and a few naps before you arrive.





  1. Hey, you’ll be happy to know that my childcare is covered, so Isaac can show up anytime and I’ll be there! šŸ™‚ Not that he should show up yet. I’m good with another five weeks, too!

    Where are you living right now? Somewhere near-ish me? Because I want to get together with you. We haven’t talked in awhile and since I’m going to be helping you have a BABY, that feels weird. (That said, I know you’re busy…but still, I’d like to see you!)

    (And I have some questions for you about what you want my role in your birth to be, exactly.)

    Yay for 35 weeks!

  2. Well, I can tell you that one of your jobs will be to smuggle in a large jar of peanut butter and a spoon so that I’m not stuck eating ice chips… šŸ™‚

  3. You look fabulous!! (see, not using that inappropriate word! :O)) One of my friends sounded like you did towards the end – she really wanted her little boy to hang out as long as possible . .. and he listened – almost two weeks late! People thought she would be going nuts, but she was grateful for the extra time to get ready.

  4. Man I would love to look as good as you at 9-ish months pregnant – you look so healthy and strong! Some friends of mine lost their baby at 5mths just recently; it is so sad and they are now recognising that losing a life is something they will always carry with them, the pain never goes away.

  5. Not that I’m justifying the use of the word “huge” – but on the days that it has exploded out of my mouth when I have not seen a certain pregnant woman for a while – it is always flanked by “wonderful!”.

    It’s almost like size comes to represent beauty for me with pregnant stomachs, but I see your point and will try and find another synonym to say-

    You are one beautiful lady with with the most beautiful belly – I long to be thusly beautiful and also *ahem* carrying some day…

    Now I’m crying…

    • Amy, the weird thing about pregnancy is that somedays the combo of huge and wonderful could be funny for the pregnant woman and on other days it will leave her wondering for the next 24 hours… Is it GOOD that I don’t look huge? Did she mean I’m supposed to look huge? Huge compared to what? Huge-er than normal? Huge-er than the average pregnant woman? Am I doing something wrong? Was that a compliment? I NEED ICE CREAM BECAUSE THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT!

      All of the times this has happened it’s made me laugh but with those pregnancy hormones you never can tell… šŸ™‚

  6. Just wanted to let you know: You’ve been featured as a Mom Who Rocks over at the See Mommy Run Blog. šŸ™‚

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