Posted by: Ingrid | July 7, 2009

Kicking off 9 months with a 10K

I can’t believe that I almost talked myself out of one of the best runs ever.  Can I just say that I am very glad that I settled on the Anaheim Hills 10K rather than the 5K?  Because I am.  I haven’t had such a runner’s high in weeks and boy did it feel great, even though based on the 10K I ran a month ago, I was pretty nervous the night before.  I couldn’t help worrying that the run would feel bad.  Not that I can’t deal with an hour of that, but I don’t prefer it!

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I arrived at the starting line Saturday morning in Anaheim Hills with my husband.  It was so good to have him there with me!  There’s nothing like hitting the half way point of a run and knowing that I’ll be seeing him when I cross the finish line.

This was the first run that I actually carried water with me.  I knew it would be warm and I anticipated taking about an hour and from last year’s experience I knew it was a hilly course.  The funny thing I discovered is that this water bottle holder that I bought 3.5 years ago at the Honolulu marathon that has never fit right because, Hello!  I have a waist and the silly thing bounces up and down while I run, fits beautifully during pregnancy when I can strap it below my bump.  Perfectly comfortable.

The race started, all of us 5K and 10K runners taking off at the same time around the school track and down the street.  I felt great!  Of course, as we started down the street I remembered that after running last year that I’d meant to bring sun glasses, sun screen, and a hat if I ran the next year.  Guess what I forgot…  The course has a few little hills in the first mile and a half.  At the point the 5Kers turned around (and suddenly you wonder where all the people went) the road begins to climb and doesn’t really stop until you get near the top of a hill in a residential area.  It’s a great climb and it felt so good!

At the 3.1 mile mark we turned around and headed downhill.  Boy did I love the gravitational advantage that gave me!  I was averaging 8:45 minute miles at the beginning, 11 minute miles when we began climbing, and 7:45 minute miles running back down!  All of that translated overall into a sedate 8:46 minute mile pace for the run.

It felt so good and was over too fast.  I’m glad I didn’t miss the experience!


The back of the shirt this month.


From start…


to sweaty finish at 54:20.  Almost the exact time I ran the horrible 10K in a month ago under much better running conditions (60 degrees, overcast, flat course).  I didn’t even bother checking my placing online.  I knew that I wouldn’t come close to getting first in my age group like I did last year (except I didn’t find that out until almost a year later!) at 47:19.  Yesterday my co-worker informed me that I’d come in second.  Apparently it was a slow day for all the non-pregnant 24-29 year olds.  As I was waiting in line for a mini massage later on, a woman stopped me to mention that her 18 year old son finished the 10K and then told her that he’d been beaten by “that 9 months pregnant girl.”  That made my day!


Me and my sweetheart.  I am finally filling out the t-shirt.  Finally.


Some babies get cute baby books.  Isaac is going to end up with a bunch of bib numbers.


Then we went to breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes and ate like we’d both just run a marathon.


What a fantastic start to the 9th month of pregnancy and the Fourth of July!



  1. That’s awesome!! Congrats – very inspirational!! 54:20 while growing a baby is very impressive! I love that shirt too.

  2. Blows my mind! Amazing!

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