Posted by: Ingrid | July 14, 2009

Because you always need something to look forward to

So I have the 5K that’s coming up on Saturday, but I must admit that I cannot wait to get back to the half marathon distance.  Of course, at this point I have no idea what my post partum running will look like and how long it will take me to build back up to 13 miles, but it doesn’t hurt anything to have a goal in mind.  The Friends of the Falling Waters Trail half marathon is on October 10th and will be just down the street from where we’re moving, so that’s what I’m eyeing right now.

And by “right down the street” I mean Concord, Michigan. 

That’s right, we are officially moving to Michigan after Isaac makes his appearance.



  1. Good luck with your 5K this coming weekend. I love your blog and really enjoy your posts. Good luck with the move to Michigan! I’ve lived in the Midwest and in SoCal, and while they are very different places from each other, they both offer some great running opportunities!

  2. We have some friends who live in Michigan and they love it – even the winter! Having a race goal is such a good idea and since you’ve been keeping up a steady mileage throughout growing Isaac you might be surprised at how easily you get back into it and how much better you were than before (apparently a lot of women runners improve post-baby – something to do with oxygen?) I am sure you have read it!

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