Posted by: Ingrid | July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 37 Weeks 5 Days – 38 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Ran 8 miles (1:24)/Walked 1 mile

Tuesday: Elliptical 45 minutes

Wednesday: Ran 7 miles (1:09)/Walked 1.3 miles/Abs/Stretch

Thursday: Weights 25 minutes/Elliptical 40 minutes

Friday: Abs/Stretch/Ran 4 miles (40:40)/Walked 1 mile

Saturday: Ran 6 miles (62 minutes)/Ran another 5 miles (52 minutes)/Walked 0.5 miles

Sunday: Off and a leisurely walk with my husband.
Miles Run: 30!!!!

Well, now that I’ve gotten a 30 mile week I am absolutely done with that goal!  20-25 miles next week sounds wonderful.  That and some extra sleep.  I didn’t go into this week with the intent to run 30 miles, it just sort of snuck up on me.  Once I ran Saturday morning and was up to 25 the last 5 miles were a sort of dangling carrot in front of me.  It was too enticing to pass up.  I ran bookend runs (an AM and PM run) on Saturday because it was going to be easier psychologically to do two runs in one day than to run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Mind you, that last run was very very slow (and I was reminded again that there are way too many bugs flying around at sundown – ew.) but I did it and getting to 30 felt great!  And now I am really going to take it easier.  I need a little more sleep, to stretch more, to cross train, and to not get too hung up on my mileage.  I can increase it soon enough.  I never thought I’d run this many miles in a week at the end of my pregnancy!



  1. Wow!!! That is amazing – congrats on achieving your goals! I think maybe Isaac is going to come out running 🙂

  2. Really proud of you!
    How is the weather? And what kind of support system do you use for your belly?

    Cannot wait to hear about your birth story!

    • Catherine, the weather here has been in the mid to high 80’s. When I run I try to get out early which is why this week running has been almost non-existent because I can’t get up early enough. I’m still using the mini cradle that I got online at and that’s worked pretty well. If I were any bigger though, I think I would need something more supportive.

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