Posted by: Ingrid | August 3, 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 38 Weeks 5 Days – 39 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Elliptical 35/Bike 15/Weights 30/Abs/Stretch

Tuesday: Elliptical 45 minute

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles (1:02)/Walked 1.25 miles/Abs/Stretch/Biked 30 minutes/Weights 30 minutes

Thursday: Elliptical 50 minutes/Bike 30 minutes/Walked 1 mile

Friday: Ran 8 miles/Walk 0.75

Saturday: Walked 5.1miles

Sunday: Ran 6 miles (1:02)/Walked 1

Miles Run: 20

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around running this week, which I suppose is okay.  Maybe it was the high mileage last week, maybe it’s physical, maybe it’s psychological. I don’t know, but I’m trying to take it easy, cross train, and not be too hard on myself for not running.

I think it’s funny that, after all of this time of being a very self-sufficient exerciser, I owe just about all of my getting to the fitness center to my husband.  This is a first for me.  I’ve never had to meet anyone anywhere to get in my exercise, but now… well, it’s another story.  Fortunately for me, Clint has been going daily, so if I miss my run (and most of the time even if I don’t) off we go together for a workout.  And it’s been really good.  A bit humbling, but good.

Well, I got to my 20 miles this week, barely.  It’s much harder to get out when I’m A) much more tired in the mornings and B) so slow.  I used to be comfortable at 7.5-8 minute miles once upon a time.  Now I’m lucky to run a 10 minute mile.  Definitely puts a damper on getting out there!  Well, I’m still pregnant, so I guess I’ll work on getting 25 miles this week.  Sounds like a happy medium to me.  If I don’t get my mileage in because I go into labor, that’s fine by me!



  1. I guess it’s probably harder to mentally “get out there” when maybe a part of you thought you could already have been in labour and welcomed Isaac by now – I imagine a part of you is in the “waiting room”… 🙂 But wow, for you to get this far before lacking motivation is fantastic. Thank goodness for hubby to get you through the last bit. Best wishes for the “Isaac show” when he decides to finally put in an appearance.

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