Posted by: Ingrid | August 5, 2009

Pregnancy: Happy 40 Weeks

39 weeks 0 days: Weight: 151.5 (up 0.5)/B:39 (same)/W:37 (same)/H:37.5 (same) T: 22 (same)




39 Weeks 0 Days-
Tomorrow is the day Clint guessed Isaac would decide to show up.  It all seemed so… imminent when I went on maternity leave, like he would suddenly decide to show up as soon as I started relaxing and having fun.  Wrestling with the thought of going another 2-3 weeks is kind of a let down.

39 Weeks 1 Day-
Tonight at our Bradley class we had a midwife come and talk with us.  It was great!  For the first time though, as I lay on the floor and she felt for Isaac’s positioning and measured me, I felt too small.  Most of the time I’ve liked my small but pregnant belly but suddenly I felt like I should be much much bigger and there was nothing that I could do.  What an odd feeling.

39 Weeks 2 Days-
I have been ordered by my friend/doula/birthing assistant to not go into labor this weekend, which is making things look a little bleak.  At least this kid seems to be willing to honor her family’s spontaneous weekend getaway even though he seems to be paying no attention to the fact that, HELLO! his due date is right around the corner.  And I wasn’t going to get attached to my due date.  Right.  While I realize that there is absolutely nothing virtuous in managing to have a baby early, I sort of feel like there is.  I have already been the woman googling “how can I get my baby to drop” I refuse to sit in a corner crying about the fact that I must be deficient to not be able to get my baby to engage before his due date.

39 Weeks 3 Days-
I’m doing a lot of sitting on a swiss ball these days, in hopes that it will some how encourage Isaac to engage.  So far it hasn’t worked, but at least we know how to blow up the ball now.  It’s the little things, right?  Aside from lower back pain and one spot on my back that hurts whenever I sit down, I feel fine.  I just am tired of feeling pregnant.  I’m tired of having trouble putting on my socks and shoes.  I want to be able to bend over without feeling like someone jammed a large basketball into my mid-section.

39 Weeks 4 Days-
It’s strange to think that, even with all of my anticipating going into labor it’s still going to take me by surprise when it happens.  It’s not like I can stop living and just wait.  We keep planning things and trying to make progress with packing stuff around the house and going out.  At some point (I have to believe this or I will go crazy) our plans will be interrupted and there will be a baby.  And when that happens it will still probably feel a bit surreal – can this really be happening?

It’s probably a good thing that we get to the end of our pregnancies and feel ready to be done.  Okay, maybe someone out there is the exception to that and would love to be pregnant for another 3 months but not me!  The odd part is being stuck between feeling very ready to be done but then seeing screaming babies and not wanting to deal with that either.  I saw a woman at church today with her 2 week old boy in a sling and I couldn’t get over how tiny he was!  I am starting to feel inept, incompetent and like all I’ve learned from being pregnant for 9 months is how to mix and match maternity clothes and successfully sleep with a body pillow.  And now I’m supposed to take care of a newborn?

39 Weeks 5 Days-
You know how a lot of times you refuse to think about certain things because “you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it”?  Well, we’ve arrived at that point.  The couple whose home we’ve been living in will be back 2 weeks from today.  In my idealistic plans I would have a baby right now and in 2 weeks we’d move to Michigan.  Now… I don’t know how this is going to work, where we’re going to move next, and how and when all this will sort out.  It’s discouraging and tiring to think about and it’s hard waiting on the arrival of a baby who doesn’t know that any plans are hinging on him.  I’m starting to not like this so much anymore.

Today’s appointment showed 1.5 cm, a baby that still hasn’t dropped, and the need to set up an appointment for 41 and 42 weeks.  Just what I never wanted to do, you know?  Then I found out that a woman in my Bradley class (due August 20) is in labor.  I’ve never felt more demoralized.

In happier news, the results of the ultrasound confirmed exactly what I expected.  Isaac is in the 86% range for size and they estimate him at about 8.5-9 pounds.  In reality, with the very large room for error, it means we’re having a healthy 6.5-11 pounder (no, I don’t think he’s 11 pounds, but it sounded funny).

39 Weeks 6 Days-
Waiting for labor to start is a little like riding the Tower of Terror at California Adventure.  They pull you up as high as you’re going to go but you never know when you’re going to drop.

I’m finding these days that there are a lot more hormones that attend my pity party for one.

Dear Isaac,

Well, happy not-birthday tomorrow.  Your dad and I have decided to celebrate anyway (no bets on how often I might dissolve into tears though because I can’t manage to have a baby on demand).  We plan on going to Disneyland for a while in the morning, going to see Harry Potter, eating lunch somewhere, getting ice cream, going to the chiropractor, and heading back to Disneyland for the fireworks in the evening.  It should be a fun celebration.  I’m so sorry that you don’t seem to be willing to join us for it.

I’m really curious now to see how big you are.  You seem pretty healthy and I hope that you stay that way if you ended up hanging out a while longer.  I know and have known that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates (it’s an estimated due date, after all) but I really hoped that you’d be here by now and I’m a bit (okay, a lot) disappointed.

I would threaten to evict you, but as I’m not thrilled with the medical methods of doing so I feel like it would be like threatening to evict a tenant knowing that I’d have to use heavy machinery that might tear down part of the house as I removed him.  So I’m not going to try to coax you out with an eviction notice but I would love to not be pregnant anymore.

Please come soon.


Well, here we are at 40 weeks.  Forty.  40.  4×10.  And every due date deserves a song, right?


Happy due date to me!

Never thought this would be.

Looks like someone neglected

To inform the baby.



  1. Love that song!! =) I’m glad you guys are deciding to have a day full of happy – even if it isn’t a birth-day. Praying for you!

  2. One of my friends was 2 weeks late and as she started those last two weeks she honestly thought she would be a mental wreck – but afterwards she said she was so glad to have that extra time to get ready and really enjoy being pregnant for the first time (which sounds crazy to me but maybe I’ll feel differently when it happens for me) before her little boy arrived. Admittedly she didn’t have two weeks to move to Michigan, but it will work out!! 🙂

  3. Hi Ingrid,
    Re: feeling small – I want to emphasize that what you wrote in your previous posts about the irrationality of using fundal height as a measure when women come in different shapes and sizes and babies are all carried differently is absolutely true!! Case in point, at 40 weeks and 3 days, my fundal height was only 33 cm and had been so for several weeks. My baby, born a few days later, weighed 6 lbs 7 ounces so… not a huge baby but perfectly healthy. Try to not worry about “being small” if all other indicators are good! 🙂

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