Posted by: Ingrid | August 11, 2009

He’s here!

IMG_3974Isaac Timothy Rothell is here!

Born Monday, August 10 at 4:43 am after 46 hours of labor.

Yes, there will be a full-of-details birth story.  Later.

Isaac was 7 lbs, 5.6 oz and 20 inches long.




  1. A marathon of all marathons!!!
    Congratulations! Isaac looks like a perfect baby boy. You and Clint are beaming parents. Looking forward to hearing your birth story. Sounds like you have quite a story waiting to be told. 46 hours!!! I’m sure you endured better than the average woman.

  2. Yay! He’s adorable!

  3. Awesome! I can’t believe your labor lasted 46 hours. You rock. I can’t wait to hear details! He is perfect and beautiful!

    Welcome, Isaac!

    Bier from Calorie Count 🙂

  4. AWW! How awesome!
    Though the 46 hrs. part doesn’t sound fun…err…glad everyone pulled through okay though. 😀
    So happy to know your son is here and healthy! 🙂 Adorable! I agree w/ Melissa’s part of the comment saying that this is the marathon of all marathons..hehe. 🙂 Congrats, chica! Look forward to hearing more later. 😀
    Rest up and take care, ttyl.

    Smiles1979 on CC. 🙂

  5. yea!! congrats. i love birth stories so i’m looking forward to details. Good job mama. and papa.

    Just look at that cute family shot!

  6. I’m so proud of you Ingrid, watching your journey has been incredible and inspiring. I can’t believe he is finally here, he looks very sweet. Well done, looking forward to meeting him and how the experience was.

  7. Congratulations!!!! That’s wonderful news. Can’t wait to hear more and see more photos of little Issac! It’s been great having a virtual pregnant running companion all these months… now on to being a new mom who runs!

    Motherhood is awesome!

  8. It’s been fantastic reading your journey this year. Congratulations to you both. He’s absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to the next chapter 🙂

  9. I’m so excited for you:) Cannot wait to hear all about your birthing experience! He’s a handsome little boy!!!

  10. Congratulations Ingrid!! So pleased for you both that isaac has finally made an appearance. I wonder if he wants to say something like ” well you did all that run training for a reason didn’t you? How does a 46hr event sound?”…enjoy the recovery and getting to know your son.

  11. Congrats on all fronts – you’re amazing and Isaac is just so cute!

  12. Yea! Congratulations! I have so enjoyed reading about your journey through pregnancy and running. I can’t wait to hear more about your wonderful little boy!

  13. Amazing! Congratulations!!!!

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