Posted by: Ingrid | August 25, 2009

Tying up some loose ends

Ha.  No longer pregnant at 2 weeks postpartum. But for the sake of record keeping…

Pregnancy Exercise and Running Log: 39 Weeks 5 Days – 40 Weeks 4 Days

Monday: Walked 2 miles/Stretch/Elliptical 45 minutes/Bike 25 minutes

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles (41 minutes)/Walked 1.25/Stretcb/Abs/Bike 30/Walk 1 mile/Weights 25 minutes

Wednesday: Ran 5 miles (51 minutes)/Walked around Disneyland

Thursday: Elliptical 45 minutes/Weights 30 minutes/Walk 0.5 miles

Friday: Elliptical 50/Bike 30 minutes/Stretch/Walk 1 mile

Saturday: Ran 4 miles (41)/Walked 2 miles/Went into labor!

Sunday: Labored.  All day.

Miles Run: 13 miles

Maybe I should shake things up by laying on the couch all day – the antithesis of the whole “get up and walk around to jump start labor” idea.

Pregnancy: Week 41

40 weeks 0 days: Weight: 151.2 (same)/B:38.5 (down 0.5″)/W:36.5 (down 0.5″)/H:37.5 (same) T: 22 (same)

40 Weeks 0 Days-
Here we are on the due date.  I made it to 40 weeks!  I never wanted to make it this far, but here I am.

40 Weeks 1 Day-
I originally stocked up on popsicles because I’ve discovered this summer that I loved them and I figured they’d be great to eat while I was in labor.  Or while I’m worried that my body will refuse to go into labor, as the case may be.  Because the popsicles are almost gone.  I guess there are worse things a person could eat under stress, right?  After all, the peanut butter jar is still very much intact.

40 Weeks 2 Days-
I feel like I should stay away from people because what on Wednesday would be a lovely compliment, (You’re 40 weeks?!?  You look amazing!)  Suddenly makes me want to tell people to shut up and then wail at the top of my lungs that I’m still pregnant.  This is not a good way to win friends, keep friends, influence people, or make acquaintances think that you’re not nuts.  I’m not nuts.  Just still pregnant.  Still.

I’m returning to the cravings of early pregnancy.  Gotta love those baked potatoes… this time with BBQ sauce!


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