Posted by: Ingrid | September 14, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

We are slowly unpacking and making our new house home.  We moved in on a rainy day, as in, it rained the whole time people were unloading our stuff and then it stopped.  The house is about 100 years old and the doors are so narrow that our couch and chair had to go in through the window!  We’re so excited to have the space that we have now though, and people from the church did an incredible job fixing it up, carpeting, painting, and making the house a great place to move into.  Plus it has rooms!  We went from a one bedroom apartment to a home with three bedrooms and I love it!

So welcome home.



We have a nursery!  And we wouldn’t be in the place we are with it if two wonderful young ladies hadn’t helped us out the day we moved in.


Babies come with a lot of stuff!



The bedroom then…


and now.


I promise the room isn’t slanted like that.

IMG_4326 IMG_4327

The bathroom.  This was the first room I got in order and I would straighten it every day because it was the only non-chaotic place.  Moving is rough.


The library will get finished one of these days.  Maybe when we have bookshelves?

Here’s the living room before…

And afterwards (still a work in progress).



The kitchen only got organized because a dear woman basically unpacked everything and told me that I could move whatever I wanted to.  I don’t think I moved anything and it was so helpful to have someone doing that!




And then we had “the pounding.”  Contrary to the name, no bodily harm was inflicted on anyone.  I have no before pictures, but basically all you have to do is picture empty shelves.  And here you have the after shot.  But you aren’t seeing all the packs of diapers, cute baby clothes, and enormous cookies with m & m’s in them.


So that’s where we are now!  A little more organized and fewer boxes lying around.



  1. The pounding… what on earth are in all those cans and is this what your pantry always looks like? How can I duplicate this.. I’m thinking…
    I love your new place!! So glad you have more room.

  2. Carrie, the pounding is a tradition that the church has. When a new pastor is hired the church brings pounds of canned goods (and peanut butter and brownie mix, etc.). Very fun to see the pantry fill up that quickly!

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