Posted by: Ingrid | September 22, 2009

Six Weeks

Dear Isaac,

For some reason, this seems to be an in between months milestone worth celebrating.  Perhaps it’s because six weeks is how long I was supposed to take it easy and not exercise (oops) or maybe because it’s when I’m supposed to got back to the doctor (double oops) or perhaps it’s because it’s the arbitrary point at which I’d told myself all of the pregnancy weight would undoubtedly be gone.  Ha.

Whatever the case, I’m celebrating six weeks and my unmet goal by eating too much banana bread, peanut butter, and chocolate while confined to the house.

You, on the other hand, are celebrating by sleeping all day, which does not bode well for me tonight while your Dad is out of town.

Today marked your first ever shower.  You haven’t been well cleaned in your short life.  I can count the number of baths you’ve had on two of my fingers and you haven’t liked them very much.  The shower was a different story entirely.  You seemed to find it quite enjoyable but let me know in no uncertain terms that the fun factor could have been kicked up a notch had I only provided an open bar.  You’re quite the multi-tasker at six weeks.


I love you, Kiddo.




  1. That little nose is SO cute!!! He is just gorgeous!

  2. Hi Ingrid, I just found your blog through Emily’s blog. Little Isaac is seriously cute! And I really enjoyed reading a few of your recent posts–you write delightfully!

  3. I’m not sure I am comfortable with the visual of the shower, especially, since I was not there.

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