Posted by: Ingrid | October 2, 2009

Making the switch

In the good old days when I was pregnant and the sky was the limit I thought that it would be a good idea to cloth diaper Isaac, mostly because of the financial benefit.  Of course, google cloth diapering and you could spend the rest of your life reading all of the information on what kind is best and how to wash them and all of the rest, so I put it off for a while.  Then, with the help of some friends, I was able to order the diapers I wanted online with each of us doing some crazy order that involved a couple of coupon codes, free shipping, a rebate from a magazine, and using me as a referral so that I earned some points and could get a few more free diapers.  It was quite the process and involved unmarried friends receiving large boxes on their porches marked and I’m pretty sure my dad is still getting Parenting magazine if he hasn’t cancelled his  subscription and called in to get the rebate instead.


Anyway, all that to say that I ended up with 30 BumGenius! diapers for something like $240 total.  It’s almost worth the money just to look at that many cute diapers all at once.  I liked the BumGenius! partly because of the exclamation mark (we don’t have nearly enough of them running around these days), but also because I really like the idea of one diaper that fits a baby from 8 to 35 pounds (you unsnap the rise as your baby grows).

Then there was the possible job and the moving and having a baby and cloth diapering was the last thing I wanted to do.  I hadn’t even done the initial wash so that I could use the diapers, I was so overwhelmed.  So there they sat, all forlorn in a box, as we used the disposables that we’d been given.  Then one morning, three weeks ago, I woke up feeling like I could do it.  I could wash the diapers and make the switch.  And I did.  We kept using disposables at night to use up the pack we were on, but we have officially been doing all cloth for a week now.


And I love it!  Yes, that is a drying rack in the picture above.  There’s something very satisfying about diaper laundry that I didn’t expect.  It could be that the diapers really look more like pastel easter eggs than diapers, which is sort of fun.  The BumGenius! have worked better than any of the brands of disposables that we’ve used.  There have been no blow outs and no leaking issues, which is nice.  The gathers around the legs are great and the insides of the diapers are so soft.  If I had to wear diapers I’d want something like that next to my skin.

Initially I was worried about staining, since the insides of the diapers and the inserts are white and what goes in the diaper obviously isn’t.  I read online that hanging the diapers in the sun after running them through the wash bleaches them naturally and I was happy to discover that this is true!  I guess I associate “bleached in the sun” with buffalo skulls in the desert and things of that sort, not diapers.   In fact, the sun doesn’t even need to be out to bleach the diapers.  Who knew?


I am loving our switch so far.  In my opinion these diapers not only function well, but make a baby’s bottom that much more pat-able.  There’s something adorable about an enormous rear end on a baby.


Don’t you think?



  1. Isaac looks like a little doll in the couch pic – I seriously thought it was just an ad display photo! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I have heard a few mums rave about BumGenius! and should I ever finally find myself lucky to be a mum that will be the path I take – thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Hey Friends! So glad to see you arrived and are doing well! Good choice on diapers. I just had to comment. We’ve been using our BumGenius one-sized since January and I still love them. They fit both Clara and Lena who are 2 years apart! My one recommendation – if I might be so bold – is to get a 30 gal trash can with lid. Our house no longer smells like ammonia. I looked FOREVER and finally found this one
    It’s awesome and fits a wetbag like this:
    After 10 months the one thing that’s starting to wear are the velcro tabs. But overall we’ve been pleased. hooray for cloth! Hooray for Isaac!

  4. Neat! I am using BumGenius diapers for my little one ( who is arriving around Thanksgiving) too! I haven’t been as lucky with the coupon codes and free shipping. Any tips on how to get those deals?

    • Katherine, I wish I could be more helpful. I actually stumbled across the coupon codes/rebate while looking for diapers on Craig’s list. They had the info and the link for the rebate but it expired quite a while ago. Sorry about that!

  5. We are loving the bum genius too! The enormous baby bum is so cute!! Thanks for the tips for getting the deal. I think my dad is still getting the parenting magazine too:)


  6. I must echo that laundry for dipaers is so much easier then other…perhaps it is the easy folding? I hate laundry…but don’t mind my diaper laundry at all 🙂 Have fun with all your fluff!

  7. I am so impressed. That looks like a lot of work 🙂 And, Isaac looks pretty darn cute in the pile of diapers.

  8. I love that picture of Isaac! Good idea, babe! Bum diapers! should pay you money for advertising.

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