Posted by: Ingrid | October 5, 2009

A little taste of California

Last autumn (which really wasn’t autumn at all, since we were in California at the time) three of us from the apartment complex would get together and watch Gilmore Girls and talk about how we wished we could see the leaves change colors and actually have sweater appropriate weather.  Then two of the three of us got pregnant.  Now both of us are in the autumn friendly midwest a year later.

IMG_4782Last time we saw the Getz I was nine months pregnant and Sarah Beth was at the adorable pregnant stage.  Then off they went to Indiana.


This past weekend it hit me that she would be having a baby very soon and we should see them before that point.  Plus we’re only 2 hours away.  So we hung out at Mongolian BBQ and it was wonderful seeing familiar people and catching up for a few hours.


It’s amazing what a few months can do!  It was lots of fun, but we only had two-thirds of the party there.  Vasha, if you want to come out and visit, we can find you a sweater too!



  1. Oh, I miss you both so much!! Hopefully me and my sweater can hop on a plane in the near future.

  2. That was a good time.

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