Posted by: Ingrid | October 10, 2009

Looking on the bright side

I may be nervous about this Sunday’s half marathon (hopefully I can do it in under 1:59 – my slowest pregnancy time), but there are some good things about Sunday’s run as well and I need to remember that.

1. I finally get to run on the Falling Waters Trail!  I heard about this trail when we were out for the interview and was so disappointed when we moved and I was told not to run on it alone.  Because of that, we’ve been here six weeks and I’ve never been on the trail.

2. I will get a baseline for how fast I am now, and who doesn’t like a place to start from.  Plus, if it takes me 2 hours maybe I’ll shave twenty minutes off by the next half marathon!

3. The trail is flat.  Hurray for flat!  Michigan is surprisingly hilly and flat will be a nice change of pace.

4. I haven’t gotten a new running t-shirt since the beginning of July and am long overdue.

5. Autumn is a beautiful time to run, especially right now with the cold setting in and the leaves changing color rapidly.

6. There will be no gnarly road kill to run past.  You think I jest.  I do not.  You should see some of the raccoons and other crazy looking wild life that ends up along the side of M-60.  Haven’t seen any deer yet, though.

7. I get run in a safe place where I’m not in danger of becoming road kill.  Back roads in the country have their charm but being passed by a semi-truck going 60 when there is no bike lane to run in is not one of those charms.

8. I get to run in (what I’m assuming will be) a small event.  As someone who detests running with thousands of people that will be a welcome change.

9. I get to feel like a hard core runner out there in my running tights on a day when the high is supposed to be 49 degrees.  What that means for 8:10 am, I’m not quite sure.  It’s barely light by then!

10. I get to run in an event five miles from home and it will actually only take five minutes to get there.  Unlike LA, where it takes forty-five minutes to get anywhere, it seems.  Plus I’ll get to know the running community around here better.

This will be fun!


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