Posted by: Ingrid | October 10, 2009

Month Two: Enjoys drinking milk, flatulating, and long walks on the beach


Dear Isaac,

I feel that at two months, you’re not at all the little helpless adorable blob that we brought home from the hospital.  At the same time, when anyone asks what you’re doing these days, I suddenly draw a blank while at the same time wanting to somehow convey that you’ve grown and changed so much that I’m just waiting for you to ask for the car keys and walk out the door.  I feel this way especially on days I go to the extra work of putting on your jeans, spending far to long trying to hike them over your large diapered bottom.


(Dear Old Navy, how ‘bout a few snaps on those jeans you make for 3 month olds?) and squeezing those superfluous but cute shoes onto your little feet.


If it were up to me you’d wear sleepers with feet on them until you’re 18.  Partly for the convenience, partly because it would scare of the girls, and partly because I hate the fact that you seem to be growing up way too fast.

You are becoming a lot more smiley these days.



It’s a good thing for you that some of your best moments come at 4 AM, when you’re gabbing away (trying to verbally process your day, perhaps?) at entirely the wrong time and I peer into your Moses basket only to see you grinning and cooing at me.  It’s a good thing you’re so cute, Mister.  There have been a few times, however, when you’ve been looking me straight in the eye, your face close to mine, and suddenly you will full on smile and make me want to burst into tears because it’s just the most precious thing in the world and all of the poopy diapers, late nights, and spit up down my clothes can’t take that away.


Speaking of poopy diapers, your father has decided that using certain words such as poopy, potty, and binkie, are not going to become a part of his vocabulary.  Now I’m just waiting until you can talk so you can go up to someone in the nursery to inform her that you’ve soiled your diaper and need to go to the men’s room.  I think that will be hilarious.

Among other hilarious things is your strong rooting reflex which we have had no end of fun with, entirely at your expense.  I used to think it was funny when some unsuspecting person held you cradled in their arms and you decided to use strong non-verbal cues to announce to them that it was dinnertime.


Even funnier though, was the day we discovered that if we placed our nose by your face you would swing your head around and try to latch on, only to be sorely disappointed at the lack of milk.  I know, I know, SO cruel.  But oh so funny!


These days, when you’re not hungry, you enjoy putting everything but your pacifier in your mouth.  With that, you play a fun game called Projectile Pacifier, in which you pretend that you are going to suck on it and then vehemently spit it out.  Weee!  Hours of fun, right there.  Other than the pacifier, which you don’t want, you seem fairly content to try to eat the edge of your clothes or blanket if they venture close enough to your mouth and you adore your hands.  One hand, both hands… you love whatever combo you can get and the hand sucking has become your first line of defense when your world begins to crumble.  Both hands fly to your mouth and I can almost see you thinking, “Happy place… take me to my happy place…”


Everyone still asks how well you’re sleeping and I really can’t complain except for the fact that you don’t sleep all the way through the night and you haven’t started making our bed in the mornings yet.  Or making us coffee.  You usually only wake up once during the night, sleeping from 9 until 2:00 or 3:00, then going back to sleep until 7:00 and then sleeping another couple of hours.  I’m trying to keep you from becoming an early riser, mostly because I already have dibs on that time of day.

On a few nights you’ve slept up to 7.5 hours, holding that out as a glimmer of hope to your sleepy parents.  Nap time is less consistent and I never know if it’s going to be a super nap or a no nap day.  Everyone needs a little adventure, right?  The other day you fell asleep, by yourself, right after I set you on your stomach for tummy time.  There you lay for an hour and a half as I walked back and forth in awe of the wonder that was my sleeping child.  That has not happened since and I am trying to deal with the disappointment.

This month has marked several firsts for you.


(No, reading was not one of them.)  We began using cloth diapers, which you seem to like.  You took your first shower and deemed it infinitely better than a sponge bath.  You also have developed a fondness for looking at the mobile of Winnie-the-Pooh on the crib you rarely sleep in.  Unfortunately, the mobile is not in tune with itself and its abridged rendition of a lullaby is pitiful indeed.  Not quite as bad, however, as the swing, which you also seem to love.  The swing runs swiftly through 16 songs that sound like they’re being played by one of those roaming ice cream vans that terrorize neighborhoods on late summer evenings with their musical Smorgasbord of Happy Birthday, The Wheels on the Bus, and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Other firsts include a football and soccer game and a barn dance so that you’ll have a well-rounded social life.


I also started pushing you around in the running stroller this month.


So far so good, though we aren’t running together yet.  Sometimes while walking in the neighborhood I’ll break into a run just to test it out but I never make it past the first bump in the road before I start worrying about killing brain cells.  And goodness, if you ever play soccer you’ll do enough damage there.  You seem to like the stroller pretty well so far even if it doesn’t play songs out of key like everything else we put you in.  When you’re not in the stroller you’re in your Baby Bjorn and now that you’re so big you get to face out – something you very much enjoy.

IMG_4779 IMG_4762

I used to think, back in the day, that once we got the whole nursing thing down it would be an easy and discreet experience.  However, I have discovered that discreet nursing is actually a contradiction in terms, especially when the baby in question is as noisy as you are.  You sound a little like the main character in What About Bob when he’s at dinner and making all sorts of expressive sounds of pleasure while at the table.  That’s you only a bit smaller and flailing around while hidden under a blanket.  Discreet indeed, my little Milk Monster.

Fortunately you are not a slow eater.  I’ve heard some moms talk about how their child will nurse for an hour.  You are done in ten to twenty minutes, tops, and have still been able to grow a delightful collection of chins.


Thanks to your adroit eating skills I will never be one of those women who reads War and Peace during nursing sessions.  Having come to terms with that, I read you T.S. Eliot instead.  It’s nice having a captive audience.

You have become quite cuddly these days, nestling into my shoulder and neck when I hold you.  Sometimes your arm will slip around to my back and it almost feels like you’re holding on, which I love even though I know your arm just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  I think you may have inherited my constantly cold hands though and we go back and forth, me startling you with my icy fingers during diaper changes and you reaching your cold hands around my waist or down my shirt to retaliate.  Fortunately, you have also learned that you love being clean and get very happy when we change your diaper, so the cold hands are quickly forgiven.


You are so much more alert and interactive now, watching us as we walk around the house, making sounds and smiling at us when we look at you and making it sound like you have something you desperately want to say if you could only form the words correctly.


Your smiles and little laughs are precious, as is your discovery that you have a tongue that you can stick out.


Maybe I shouldn’t encourage it, but I do.  We might be unlearning that in month 3… who knows.  In the meantime, you are such a joy, Little Man.






  1. Oh boy is he cute! Great Isaac letter, you guys look so happy 🙂 Enjoy your half marathon this weekend!

  2. He is just gorgeous and so smiley!!! Hope the 1/2 goes well – you do realize how amazing it is that you’re doing that after just two months, right 🙂

  3. You are such a good little mommy. I just put Luke in jeans for the first time last week…at 10 3/4 months old. And, he’s never worn real shoes. Only robeez. I am all about convenience 🙂

    I forgot about the latching on to the nose thing! It’s so good you’re journaling about these things, because it’s crazy how much you forget so fast!

    I love the pictures of him smiling. He is so cute.

  4. I swoon everytime I see your little babby. He’s just beautiful – congratulations 🙂

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