Posted by: Ingrid | October 12, 2009

Postpartum half marathon race report: Could someone adjust the thermostat?



That was coldest event I’ve ever done.  When we left the house at 7:30 (when it was still mostly dark) the temperature sign said 32 degrees.  That is cold.  Why do people come out in the cold that early to run?  I don’t know.  But there were more of us crazy people than I thought there would be and some of them were wearing shorts!

This was the inaugural Wild Life Marathon, half marathon, and 5K that ran along the Falling Waters Trail.  My only two complaints about the run was that they ran out of race bags before the end of registration and the fact that they needed a few more porta potties.  You can never have too many porta potties on a course.


The starting line was in downtown Concord.  There were a few die hards doing the full marathon and quite a few more people than I thought there would be doing the half.  I was so cold it was ridiculous.  I don’t know how to warm up for running in the cold, so the start was a little painful for me.  It didn’t help that I am in dire need of new running shoes.  That probably explains why the day after the side of my shin and two toes hurt.  My quads too, but that has nothing to do with my shoes and everything to do with the run.


The course was straight, flat, and out and back.  The out and back and flat I was on board with but not so much the straight.  You have to play some mental games with yourself when you can see straight down the course.  For the first half I ran with three other women (two of them were 50!) who were pushing a 7:45 and sometimes faster pace.  We really didn’t talk much (and trying to talk when your lips are frozen is a little embarrasing anyway) but the comraderie was helpful in running a faster pace than I’d anticipated.

Originally I’d wanted to run faster than my last pregnancy time of 1:59.  Ideally I wanted to finish in under 1:50.  I was quite hopeful on the first half that I might be able to do really well but the last few miles which I ran mostly by myself (except for the guy running right behind me whose footsteps were out of sync with the beat of my ipod) and the fact that I had to stop at a porta potty at mile 9.5 (note: it is difficult to pull up your running tights when both your hands and legs are numb) meant that I finished in 1:46:26, 33rd out of 160 runners.  I suppose you could knock off a minute or two for the bathroom break, but that’s not official and feels like cheating.

I felt pretty good about the time.  It was faster than I was expecting and the same time I got for the Fresno half marathon last November.  I did not expect to run sub-8 minute miles for the majority of the course so it was cool seeing that I could do that.  I definitely need to do some speedwork though, if I want to improve my time.  It felt good knowing that a year later, even with being pregnant, my speed (if you can call it that) hadn’t suffered.


Clint and Isaac were there at the end with flowers which meant so much to me.  I was asked by someone if I was the female winner since I was carrying around flowers (yeah, I wish I could run a 1:28 half marathon).  Nope, I just have a great husband who loves me!


Isaace pretty much slept the whole time and woke up feeling great.


It is normally my policy to never wear yellow, but I made an exception with the race shirt.  I earned every bit of that yellow fabric running a cold half marathon nine weeks after giving birth!



  1. Isaac has the best mother!! 🙂 That’s an amazing time for a post-preg 1/2 . . congrats!!

  2. that is just awesome, well done! I am dreaming of the day I can run a 1.46….so what you’re saying is, I just need to get pregnant, carry around an extra 20-30lbs or for a few months and….hmm. I’m lookin’ into that.

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