Posted by: Ingrid | October 27, 2009

Five seasons

This whole season thing has me a little confused as I’m used to it being quasi-summer all the time.  Then we move to the Midwest and I am informed that Michigan has two seasons; winter and the Fourth of July.  Of course, since all the leaves are changing colors I know that’s not true, we do obviously get autumn around here.  Plus there is ladybug season, which is a sub-season of fall most notably characterized by the fact that suddenly every ladybug and her mother is plastered against your windows and screens, hello-ing, ringing the doorbell, and inviting their Aunt Mildred over without asking.  They slip inside, uninvited, holding amorous trysts on the crown molding and ladybug conventions in ceiling corners.  This was a new season for me, the one where all the bugs realize that they are going to die and try to move in with you.

So that brings us to four seasons, right there.

But then there’s a fifth season that suddenly means so much more to me now that I have an 11 week old baby.  That would be flu season.  And I’ve been told it lasts until March or April.


Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to the flu season myself.  I’ve never gotten the flu vaccine and always figured if I got sick it would be no big deal.  Why waste $20 to prevent something from happening when you have plenty of sick time stored up?  So no vaccine and no flu for me.  Ever.  But now we have an infant and that stupid H1N1 is all over the place, including across the street at SAU.  Not only that, the seasonal flu seems to be much more prevalent here than in California.  A few weeks ago one of the school districts canceled school because 600-700 kids were out.  Snow days I expected.  Flu days… not so much.

So today I went across the street to the university and got my first ever flu vaccination.  I’m continually amazed at the things I do now that I’d never even think of doing before, just because Isaac is here.

Even with Clint and I getting the vaccination I still feel at a loss when it comes to preventing Isaac from getting the flu.  Part of me feels like we now need to be homebound for the entire flu season, but surely that’s an overreaction, right?  What are you moms out there doing to keep your little ones from getting H1N1?  Any suggestions?



  1. So….I don’t know if I count, being that my little one is still inside, but I’m doing more handwashing that most OCD sufferers. . . especially since we don’t have may pig flu vaccines here yet. I mean that about the handwashing fairly seriously . . . you would be surprised how many opportunities you have to wash your hands in a day 😉

    And, as a side note, doesn’t that sound like the most lame-o advice ever, like I got it from the 1920s or something. But seriously, it’s what everything around here says to do to avoid the flu. Sheesh!

  2. We’re being extra careful to stay away from people who are or have been recently sick. (Usually I don’t worry much about a sniffle or cough, but right now even *slightly* sick means that we won’t be getting together with them.) Of course I can’t control who they’re around at church, but I’m hoping that people are aware enough to keep their kids home if they’re sick. 🙂

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