Posted by: Ingrid | October 28, 2009

Autumn: The sappiest time of year

Apparently the autumn weather brings out the sap not only in the trees but also in my musical tastes.  I am not particularly a fan of country music and my ipod reflects that.  There is one lone country compilation that I listen to on rare occasions, songs from a country music phase from years ago.  I have found, however, that there is something about running down country roads with trees the color of pumpkin spice lining the fields (all those colors in the autumn palate that I have never been able to wear – they really do exist in nature!) and smoke in the air that makes me want to listen to country music.  Not the “my dog left me, my wife beats me, and my cat drank all the whiskey” country music but the kind that makes it seem like everything is right with the world and stories have happy endings.

Which I think is why I find myself listening over and over to Taylor Swift’s (the girl who has the hair I prayed for as a child) Love Story.  I don’t know why I like it, especially because, as someone who dabbled a bit in literature in college I cringe when people decide to use Romeo and Juliet in a song.  I cringe even more when they use it badly.  Taylor, Romeo wasn’t “throwing pebbles” he was killing Juliet’s cousin!  Big difference there!  Why are you using this as an illustration?  This play is not happy, they die.  DIE!  And what’s with the scarlet letter metaphor?  Let’s not get our American and European literature mixed up here.

But the cynical nit-picky part of me is over ruled by the fact that it’s catchy (every happy ending needs a good key change, right?), that I can picture the music video with all it’s dressing up and dancing (and I’m a sucker for dress up), and the fact that it also plays on that all too familiar experience that I’ve had of seeing someone and then letting my mind wander into a day dream.  It also reminds me fondly of those days back in kindergarten when I would write love letters to some boy whose name I no longer remember, telling him that “we can get married and we can be kings and queens.”  My kindergarten self had a deplorable lack of understanding when it came to the proper succession of the European monarchy, it seems.

I guess I will just laugh at the sappy and juvenile turn my musical tastes have taken and write it off as a side effect of the lovely autumn we’re having.  I’m sure winter will change that soon enough!


  1. Yes every good song does deserve a key change 🙂 My favorite though is when it changes and you don’t realize it until you think.. wow this song is powerful. I also still desire Taylor Swift hair. Right now.

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