Posted by: Ingrid | November 2, 2009

Asics, Why are you messing with my routine?

I am nothing if not a creature of habit, a tendency which spills unchecked into all sorts of areas of my life, including my choice of running shoes.  Now runners as a whole do tend to be sort of… perhaps superstitious might be the right word, when it comes to changing things up in their running gear or food and drink choices.  So when I found a pair of Asics (and they were cheap Asics at that) four years ago that felt good and worked for my feet I embraced the Prominent II and didn’t look back.

When we moved, I realized that particular shoe was only made for and sold at a particular store on the West Coast.  Instead of finding a new shoe I figured I would just wait until the shoe went on sale ($29.99 for a pair of running shoes?  Yes, please!), get someone to run (not literally) to the store, buy me a few pairs of shoes and send them to Michigan.  So I called the store weekly, waiting for a sale to happen.  When it finally did, I was told that it was a close out sale and they wouldn’t be getting any more.  I also discovered that there were no 8-1/2’s left in the state of California.  And believe me, I was desperate enough to check wherever I knew people.  When it comes to my running shoes I have no shame, even though the thought of calling someone and having a conversation that consisted of, You may not remember me, but I’m your second cousin three times removed and there’s a pair of my running shoes at a Big 5 near you that I desperately need.  You wouldn’t mind picking them up for me and sending them across the country, would you? wasn’t exactly high on my conversations-I-really-want-to-have list.  But alas, there really was nothing left.

At the same time, my poor shoes that I’d worn all through my pregnancy were just done.  I’d held out for a sale so long that the cushioning was gone and my feet were starting to hurt.  So off to the local sporting goods store I finally went, where I was stretched out of my comfort (and price) zone.  My last words to the clerk who helped were, You don’t happen to have these in red do you…?  No, unfortunately, he didn’t, though he assured me that he thought the shoe was “quite subtle” which leads me to think he was color blind because who describes orange (oh, excuse me… mandarin) and silver as subtle?

Meet the oh so subtle Cumulus 10.  I guess they aren’t so orange as to cause me to buy orange running gear to match, but there’s no getting around the fact that they are my least favorite color.


I really am very sad about the whole affair.  I miss my familiar shoes.  My first thought was that I should write a sonnet in honor of the shoes that are no more.  But I didn’t want to invest that much time and I couldn’t quite remember what the rhyme scheme was supposed to be.  Then I thought perhaps an Ode would be fitting, but I’m even fuzzier on what makes an ode an ode in the first place.  A limerick seemed to flippant for shoes that have served me so well.  In then end, I had to settle on a haiku, because let’s face it, it’s short.

So in memory of the Asics Prominent II’s that are no more…


Feet slap the pavement

My sole missing and mourning

Cheap wings for my feet.



  1. I just went through the same thing with my shoes – Gel-Nimbus 10, bye bye – hello Gel Nimbus 11. And the shop I use to get discounts were all out of 10’s in my size when I finally got around to buying them – booooo! 🙂 So will hang onto the pair I did get (slightly more $$ at another shop but still 10’s!) until I absolutely have to get a new pair.

  2. hey at least they match the Fall colours! new phase of life for you, may as well start a new phase of running shoe colours 🙂 I am very stuck on my particular running shoes too, it bugs me if they overly change the style or material in a particular model from one year to the next…I believe they changed the Brooks Addiction a couple of years ago (or got rid of it?) and I felt lost, like I was back to square 1 in looking for shoes….I haven’t been QUITE as happy since but I still stick with Brooks or Asics…

  3. Man, I am just so sad for you! I, too, had a particular shoe that I just loved for many years. And then one day, they were no more. I’m not sure I will ever forgive Nike for getting rid of my shoe. I run in Asics now, and every time the new model for my shoe comes out, I pray it hasn’t been changed too much. Don’t these running shoe companies know that runners don’t like change? Good luck in the Cumulus!

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