Posted by: Ingrid | November 22, 2009

It takes a conference…

I guess somewhere in my mind I’ve viewed using the nursery as a bad thing, as though there is something highly virtuous about a person who manages to get their small child to sit through church quietly or who bounces the baby around in the back with pacifier in hand to keep the little one quiet.  Now, I will grant that I’ve not only thought about using the nursery so that I can go running (horrible to admit, I know) but am also the woman who wondered, right after giving birth, if I could just leave the sleeping baby, run a mile, come back and check on him, and repeat.  That all checks out as just fine in my mind, but using the nursery so that I can sit through the sermon?  Not so much.

And then we attended a three-day Theology and Philosophy conference with a three-month-old in tow.  That changed everything.  I was just along for the ride at the conference and Isaac was quite literally along for the ride, drooling all over everything from his Baby Bjorn.  I am accustomed to sitting through academic lectures with no problem, in fact, I enjoy it.  Oddly enough, all of this changes when you have a baby.  This meant that, except for when Clint took Isaac, my session choices looked something like this:

Session on human evil and suffering – bouncing around in the doorway and back of the room.

Lady Jerusalem and Lady Wisdom in conversation – late, because you never make it anywhere on time with a baby.

Discovering Relief from our worst pain: The view from the cross and the empty tomb –sitting on the floor with the baby, emergency exit for an unexpected nursing session, and more hanging out in the back during Q and A.

Locating Zoar: An Exercise in Biblical Geography – bopping around outside the doorway, humming and letting Isaac chew on my knuckle.

The Ethical Implications of Birth Control – sitting outside the door while my adorable child who would not keep quiet in the room coos at the ceiling while drooling all over his blanket.

So when I woke up this morning and got both of us ready for church and thought of the nursery I decided it was time.  Because goodness knows, I was ready to sit all the way through something for a change.

We both behaved ourselves; number 52 never flashed up on the screen and I never once had to fumble frantically for a pacifier.  Oh glorious hour and a half!

So apparently all it takes to get me to use the nursery is three days of baby wearing in an academic setting.  Who knew?



  1. I have some wierd block with using the nursery at church too. And guess what that means…I’ve gone to church twice since Luke was born 😦 Thank you for making the first step. Maybe I will too. Plus, I’m sure you learned on Sunday, you actually get a lot more out of it when your mind isn’t preoccupied with keeping your adorable little baby quiet.

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