Posted by: Ingrid | December 5, 2009

Baby, it’s cold outside. Really really cold.

Hey!  Guess what happens when you hang wet diapers out to bleach in the sun when it’s only 22 degrees outside.  Give up?  They freeze!  I made that charming discovery yesterday.  I mean, there’s crunchy laundry and then there are diapers that could be used as weapons because they’ve frozen so hard.

I think it was colder yesterday than it’s been yet.  I tried to drive to Jackson and had to come back in the house to ask what to do with the frosty hard stuff on the windshield (pouring warm water on it is much faster than scraping, BTW).  Then I wandered around downtown Jackson in shoes not meant for cold weather and suddenly understood how people could freeze to death in the cold.

After yesterday I have to admit that I’m done with the cold weather.  I’m starting to wonder how many layers of long underwear I can managed to wear under my normal clothes and if I really have to remove the long underwear until sometime in May.  I also am having the same thoughts about Michigan that I used to have on those balmy and warm 115 degree summer days in Fresno when I was a lifeguard.  Why do people live here again?

And people keep telling me I haven’t seen anything yet.



  1. I’m just curious, did your diapers dry at all in the freezing cold or did you have to put them in the dryer?
    Hang in there! You’ll get used to it, and don’t let people scare you. You might even enjoy a cold, winter day at some point in the future. If you’re sick of long underwear, I suggest some fleece-lined jeans; I loved mine!
    Did you decide to become Wolverine’s fans? I couldn’t help but notice the blue and gold snowsuit your son is sporting in the pics. Super cute!

    • No, the diapers didn’t dry. I mostly put them outside to bleach the poop stains then I toss them in the dryer. We are actually Spartan fans, but Isaac’s warmest outfit is the maize and blue tracksuit. His Spartan outfit is for twelve months. Plus we were headed to Ann Arbor so it seemed appropriate. I guess that makes us not very loyal fans!

  2. Oh boy! Welcome to the midwest! And this has been a mild winter….

    I read this somewhere (can’t remember where) and it helps me… “There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.”

    I tell myself that when I don’t want to run in the rain/cold/wind! But really, I’d rather be in California.

  3. Don’t do that with the warm water on your windshield! You could easily crack the glass. Start your car and let the defrost run for a while-it will soften the ice and then you can scrape it off easily.

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