Posted by: Ingrid | December 11, 2009

Month Four: World, I cannot hold thee close enough, due to my lack of fine motor skills, but I would put ALL OF YOU in my mouth, if I could.

Dear Isaac,

I also thought about labeling this month “Can I have your attention, please?” for some very obvious reasons.

You have certainly gotten our attention this month and from the looks of things, you mean to keep it!  Oddly enough, you seem to have gotten your talking gene (because there is such a thing) and your desire for LOTS OF ATTENTION RIGHT NOW from your father.  You like attention, preferably in the form of us staring at you (not at the cell phone, not at the computer, not at the book) and talking with you.

You are a big little boy,

coming in at around 16-17 pounds and very comfortable in 3-6 month (but preferably 6 month) clothing.  Your head is also still enormous and gets caught in everything we try to pull over it.

Score another point for your Dad’s gene pool.  You just keep growing and it’s startling and wonderful and a little sad all at once.  You’re just going to keep growing up.  One day I’ll be pulling a onesie over your head and the next day you’re going to be asking for the car keys.  I try to remember to laugh with you and cuddle with you as much as possible, knowing that there will come a day when you won’t look and your Dad and me like we are the best things ever and totally make your world complete.  It sure is sweet right now, though.

You’ve started teething this month, leaving great big puddles of drool on the carpet, gnawing on your finger (or anyone else’s fingers that happen to come near your mouth), and waking up an additional time during the night.  I don’t like that last addition very much.  You lulled us into complacency by sleeping through the night and then, BAM.  I loved those nights where we’d go to bed and wake up at 7:00.  I miss them.  I have to admit that we were such ingrates though.  Most parents I’ve talked to reminisce about the first time the baby slept through the night and how they woke up to make sure he or she was okay.  Not me.  I woke up at 7:00 after a full night’s sleep and thought Ugh.  Is it 2:00 already?

You met a baby milestone on December 2, when you rolled over for the first time.  I walked out of the room and a minute later returned to find you on your back.  I flipped you over and you repeated your roll but have yet to do it again.  My theory is that your torso and head are just so enormous it’s not worth the extra effort.  Or maybe you’re just being cantankerous now that I’m trying to catch you on tape.

One thing that we really enjoy about you is your enjoyment of just hanging out with us.

In a lot of ways you’re a fairly laid back baby, willing to just sit there and smile while looking at us and making noise.

While you do smile and laugh a lot, you are also very opinionated about things and are willing to tell us loudly and in no uncertain terms that something is not to par.  Of course, it’s not in English, which makes it difficult to rectify the situation.

You took your second flight of your life this month, as we flew down to New Orleans for a conference.

You did pretty well considering neither flight was direct and you had blow outs coming and going.  I was glad to have a full month to recover from that trip before we head out to California on the 18th.

We also tried taking Christmas pictures and I discovered once again that you just sort of do your own thing and don’t necessarily want to follow our agenda.  Look at the camera and smile means nothing these days. We finally decided that “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, which led us to trying the only pose you wanted to do.

We also have gotten your first snow, which we did not take you out in, due to the wind, and you have a stocking now, thanks to your GrannyG.  She made sure it matches ours, which read “husband” and “wife”.

You have gotten a lot stronger in the last month.  Your neck muscles have got to be the strongest muscles you have since you have amazing control of that gargantuan head.

All of a sudden you push yourself up on your stomach and look around, you constantly flail your arms like you’re trying to run in place, and you nearly always successfully unswaddle yourself by kicking and squirming your way out of the blanket.

This month I also pulled out the activity gym that was given to you because I read online about someone’s kids reaching for things and realized that we weren’t working on that yet.  Oh no!  Behind already!  The gym, with its circus print floor and really odd hanging things makes me cringe when I look at it.

It also makes me wonder if we’re opening ourselves up to some clarifying questions once you learn how to talk.

“Mom, why is the monkey pink?”

“Why does the octopus look like an upside down pear?”

“Doesn’t an octopus have 8 legs?  Why does that one only have 5?”

“Why is the monkey wearing a vest but no pants?”

But then, I’m discovering most baby toys are slightly odd.  You have certainly learned to reach and hold and pull and are happy to engage with your toys, which is really fun to watch.  But all in all, you’ve made it clear as I’ve been trying to post this, that you would much rather engage with us.  And I certainly don’t mind.  I’ll take happy baby laughs over a computer any day!





  1. I have to say that beyond all the baby cuteness (and your precious child is one of the, if not THE, cutest child I’ve ever seen in my life) I noticed that you and I share the same metronome. How could I miss it sitting atop your piano! You do use it on a daily basis with your practicing like a good student don’t you?

    • Oh yes, Carrie. I daily sit Isaac down on the couch where he sits quietly for two hours allowing me to practice songs after running through scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions. *Snort* That will be YOUR child… 🙂

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