Posted by: Ingrid | December 13, 2009

The price of winter running

Consider if you will all of the things that will be worn on a single winter run.

Running shoes – $95.99

Two pairs of socks – $6.00

Running tights – $24.99

Track pants – $15.99

Two sports bras – $50.00

Two long sleeve shirts – $36.00

One fleece sweatshirt – $10.00

Ninja looking hood that covers head and face – $21.99

Hot fingers gloves – $34.99

Ipod nano – $100

Headphones – $8.99

Garmin GPS – $125.99

For a total of $530.93.

Which is leading me to believe that I should edit my Running is Cheaper than Therapy shirt to something along the lines of: Running is cheaper than therapy unless you live in the midwest in the winter.



  1. Okay, I’ll give you the tights and the tops and the gloves and the hood…but the Garmin and the iPod? Something tells me those aren’t essentials brought on by the cold. 🙂
    Just think of it all as an investment in the future. I ran in the same two pairs of running tights for six years.

    • True, the Garmin and ipod aren’t essential and I already own them. 🙂 And I hear you on the running tights. I bought a pair for $8 at a thrift store a few years ago and haven’t found anything better.

  2. Ooh, you’re so lucky to have found those! After years of the warm climate of SoCal, I had to buy a new pair of tights in Amsterdam last winter. There was a bit of sticker shock involved, nearly twice what I would have paid in the States. I felt sick handing over so much money for a piece of clothing I sweat in. Here’s to hoping this pair lasts me as long as its predecessors!

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