Posted by: Ingrid | December 31, 2009

A year in review

January – I spend a lot of time feeling sick and dealing with all of the first trimester worries.  I also spend lots of time throwing up and feeling like I’m getting huge.  I worry that I won’t be able to run the half marathon I’ve committed to the following month and ride on everyone else’s excitement about the pregnancy because all day sickness is not very fun.

February – I run the half marathon thinking I’m so pregnant, even though I’m not and won’t really realize it until much later.  Morning sickness subsides, I refuse to think about names, and Clint carries a more-than-full load of classes.  I start craving baked potatoes.

March – We find out that we are having a boy and start thinking of names.  My sister comes to visit and run a 10K with me.  I fully embrace maternity clothing even though I’m not big enough for most of it.  Why suffer through half buttoned jeans when you can wear a belly band?

April – We take a week long trip to Hawaii for our Babymoon.  A concept I thought was idiotic until I got pregnant.  We drive around the island in a red convertible and I enjoy running in Honolulu.  Clint starts applying for several full time jobs in different states and we wonder what will come of that.

May – I run the last half marathon of my pregnancy at the start of my third trimester.  I worry that I’ll have to stop running soon.  I worry about the future.  I worry that I will gain too much weight.  I celebrate my first Mother’s Day as a mom, we almost adopt a kitten, we fly to Michigan for a job interview, Clint graduates with his MA and I feel like pregnancy will last forever.

June – I learn that little boys get cute things too, as I go to several showers, one with relatives in the Bay Area and one in Fresno.  We jump into Bradley classes even though we’re getting a late start and the last class is scheduled for after my due date.  I run another 10K, we pack up our apartment, and we move into temporary housing while the owners are in England.

July – I run the last event of my pregnancy, a 10K.  I start thinking more about labor and wondering what it will be like.  I feel very ready to be done being pregnant.  We sell a car, buy another one, I go on maternity leave, and we decide that we are for sure moving for Michigan.  Then I sit tapping my fingers and wondering when Isaac will show up…

August – I feel like I will be pregnant forever when Isaac decides to come four days late.  After 46 hours of labor, ta-da! there he is.  After a day and a half of rest we commence cleaning the house we’d been staying in and packing the rest of our stuff as Isaac sleeps in his basket with the serenity of those newly born.  We pack, say our goodbyes, and in fifteen days we have moved to Michigan.  I start running eleven days after the birth in an attempt to stay sane.

September – Husband jumps into his new job during one of the busiest months of the year as I try to unpack, deal with a baby, figure out how to get sleep, and wonder if I will ever finish any given task again.  I also learn that I need to pay attention to the weather forecast because when they say it’s going to rain it really does.

October – We watch the leaves turn colors and constantly marvel at the beauty of autumn.  I begin to realize that things were a whole lot easier when I could sit behind a desk for eight hours and then do my own thing.  I run my first half marathon postpartum on our nearby trail and get a time of 1:46.  It gets cold.

November – We fly to New Orleans for the ETS conference where I discover my husband’s idea of a good joke is to have my official name tag read “School of Rock” under my name.  It was hard enough to think that anyone would take a young woman carrying around a drooling baby seriously, but that’s the clincher as we mingle with mostly men who mostly look like they spend all their time writing books.  Which is probably true.  One of our bags is stolen and I decide that I never want to go back to New Orleans.  We celebrate Clint’s birthday, our third anniversary, and Thanksgiving and I remind myself that we need to never have a baby in November or December.  If we accidentally do, I will lie and tell him or her they were born in June.

December – I turn 30 and start a new decade.  We rush through two weeks of Christmas craziness, buy a treadmill, and actually get Christmas cards off on time.  I discover that there is such a thing as really really really cold and then am told that it only gets colder.  Off to California for a 9 day trip that spans the whole state.  Back in time for New Year’s and for Isaac to resolve never to sleep through the night again.

Where do we go from here?

We have 365 days to find out!


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