Posted by: Ingrid | January 3, 2010

Let’s not call them resolutions

I used to write out and decorate a full page of New Year’s Resolutions each year but inevitably felt let down when a week into the new year I wasn’t keeping them.  Last year with the pregnancy and morning sickness I don’t think I set any but this year I just have a big ol’ list of stuff, not necessarily resolutions, that I’d like to see happen in the next year.  I love lists and I love being able to reference something during the year and notice that I can cross something off or remember that I want to be working on an area more and had forgotten about it or see that I was ridiculous enough to think I’d have time for certain things.  I like to have stuff on paper and out of my head.  So here, in no order but random, is the list for 2010.

Not resolutions.  Just a list.

1.  Finish one photo album.

2.  See if I can find a four-pack at least.  A six-pack seems a bit ambitious, but a four-pack seems doable.  Maybe.

3.  Look for ways to supplement our income.

4.  Do bi-monthly menu planning.

5.  Get more sleep.

6.  Lose 5-10 pounds.

7.  PR in two events.

8.  Do more speedwork.

9.  Run at least one 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon.  (Okay, not set on the marathon yet.)

10.  Do 5 pullups by the end of the year (Seriously, I would settle for one…)

11.  Figure out how to save more money with things like couponing and smarter shopping.

12.  Take 3-5 prereq classes for nursing.

13.  Do a better job tracking people’s birthdays.

14.  Unpack the library.

15.  Keep up with friends and family in California.

16.  Try to get more flexible.

17.  Read over a basic Algebra book to prepare for chemistry and because I don’t think I really got the concepts the first time around.

18.  Write more.  I don’t know if this means blogging or journaling or something else, but I want to be more intentional about it.

19.  Create a “Picture of the week” book for Isaac’s first year.

20.  Keep an updated contact list and try to have our Christmas cards ready to go by the beginning of December.  I’m so sick of Facebooking people at the last minute because I forgot to log their current address somewhere I will remember.

21.  Clean up the car more than once a year.

22.  Get more sleep.  (Oh look, listed this one twice.  I must really mean it!)

23.  Read through the Bible.

24.  Figure out what to do as a devotional that works with being a mom but keeps me from turning it into a checklist.

25.  Enjoy my little boy as he grows.

26.  Spend more time with my husband and be open to being spontaneous.

27.  Schedule time to get to know people better.

I’d love to hear your plans for 2010 or any advice that you’d like to share on any of the above goals!



  1. What an excellent list! Not sure what I could add yet, I am still processing some sort of list in my head. I was thinking of having a way of checking on myself, having a note somewhere that asks what I’ve done today towards my goals….

  2. a few things i did to save money on food. they may or may not help you…
    1. shopped farmer’s markets during the summer. the prices on things at my local farmers market were cheaper than walmart (especially for things i always need like onions) plus if you go often enough, you will get to know the farmers & sometimes i would get free veggies thrown my way. another thing to look into maybe would be a csa. you can find some farms and prices/info here:
    2. grow your own food. we don’t have a house yet so i started small with a container garden at our apartment. i guess this depends on what you cook but for me, it really saves money on fresh herbs.
    3. i started buying bulk food. on staples we use often & that don’t go bad right away such as grains, nuts, dried fruit, & pastas. it took a bit of an adjustment, a bunch of ball jars & it seems expensive because you see the price in a huge lump sum but it has saved us so much money.
    4. eventually when we get a house i want to buy something like an 1/8th of a cow from a farmer.
    5. online coupons.

  3. Wow, that is quite a “to do” list! Do you know yet which half marathon and marathon you’d like to run? I only ran a few in the Midwest, but I thought there were some really great races, big and small.

    Every individual has to find her own method of organization for life, but I have found that I get more things done if I make a list. It’s easier for me to remember to send birthday cards and to clean out the car if I put it on my list for a particular day or week. Same goes for our weekly menu planning and buying groceries, but it works well for me because of how much I love to write lists and cross things off. I get a sense of satisfaction for completing a goal. Because I make a grocery list at home before I leave for the store and only buy what is on it, it has helped me stay within our budgetary constraints.

    I also used to love reading the circulars in the Sunday paper and clipping the coupons only for things I needed. Then I would wait until the products for which I had coupons to go on sale. It became a competition to see how much I could save.

    If you’re looking to get more flexible and tone up a little, I have had great success with yoga. A studio membership is too expensive, so I get by with a few DVDs and a bunch of free video podcasts from iTunes. It’s really helped me strengthen my upper body and core, and I can now finally touch my toes! I feel a huge difference when I’m running. Maybe it could help you do your pull-ups. 🙂 I haven’t been able to do one in years!

    Since you mentioned you’d like to know, here are my goals for the year:
    1. Finish at least three chapters of my dissertation. My adviser would like me to finish five, but I’m aiming for a goal that sounds less terrifying.
    2. Run the City Pier City half marathon in the Hague in March and (if my back injury improves) the Rotterdam marathon in April.
    3. Pay down more of my school debt. A decade of higher education has not been kind to my wallet. Time to feel more like an adult and less like a student!

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