Posted by: Ingrid | January 15, 2010

How would you like your twelve miler?

It’s been a long time since I’ve run twelve miles.  For some reason I just haven’t been able to wrap my mind around the distance the past couple of months.  But when I saw in the forecast that we weren’t supposed to get any snow for a few days and the roads started clearing off I thought that perhaps I should get out there and run while the weather is nice and we’re experiencing a “heat wave.”  Thirty-five degrees counts as a heat wave, right?

So I took my own advice and did a long run because it was supposed to be a nice day rather than waiting until Saturday when, who knows, we could get inches and inches of snow.  Carpe diem and all that.  I got to thinking while on the first leg of the run (five and a half miles) how odd it is the way we break down our long runs to make them palatable.  Determining how you’ll break up your long run is a lot like going out for breakfast and ordering eggs.  The harried waitress leans against the table, pen poised, and asks: “How would you like ’em, Hon?  Sunny side up?  Scrambled?  Over easy?  Soft boiled?”

I’ve run three four mile runs, four three milers, broken it up into two sixes, and a five and seven miler.  I generally prefer to do the longer distance first, but today, after five and a half miles, I came home for some gu and water.  Then I slammed the mental door shut on that run.  It could have taken place the night before, the day before… it didn’t matter.  I was just going to go out for a six and a half mile run now.  I’ve run that distance before when I was tired and it’s not a big deal.  For some reason that made it all more manageable for me today and the run was slow (1:44) but entirely pain free.  I never had to talk myself into doing the distance and I really enjoyed it.  I’d love for twelve milers to be more routine for me.  I also think I could deal with nine months of winter as long as we had clear roads!  I loved having traction again.

On another note entirely, I am completely enamored with the fun icicles that have formed outside our bathroom window.  Aren’t they lovely?


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