Posted by: Ingrid | January 18, 2010

So how exactly DO you swaddle a large five month old?

I’m glad that you asked!  Because up until a few days ago we were beginning to wonder that very same thing.  Isaac sleeps really well when he’s swaddled and we like to encourage this sleeping thing.  Unfortunately, as he’s gotten stronger the swaddling process has become a mostly unsuccessful two-person affair that still couldn’t contain him.

And for those of you wondering, we will be swaddling him until he’s eighteen.  Just to assuage your curiosity.

But back to our dilemma.  What to do?  Well, two words.

Duct tape.

No wait, that wasn’t it… duct tape solves all the REST of the world’s problems but not the problem of a baby strong enough to unswaddle himself.

The real answer is double swaddle.  Say that ten times fast.

I discovered this about 5 days ago and we have had great sleep through the night (as in eight hours straight) and nice long 1.5 to 2 hour naps.  It has been truly amazing!  So here’s what we do (and for those of you who think swaddling looks ridiculous, mock on, we will enjoy our sleep).

Step one: Lay out sleepy baby on a blanket with a second blanket folded in half on top.

Step two: Wrap the top blanket over one of the arms, pinning the baby’s arm to his side and pulling the blanket fabric behind his back.

Step three: Repeat with other arm.

Step four: Now that baby’s arms are immobilized, use the second blanket to swaddle as you normally would.

Step five: Put well-swaddled baby to bed and enjoy the time off (or time asleep).



  1. he just looks so sweet and happy.

  2. Isaac is the best baby swaddle model.

  3. I’m especially loving Isaac’s cute chubby legs in these photos! Thanks for the tip Ingrid, my little 4 week old man got the Double Swaddle treatment at 3.30 am this morning when I read your post. No more little hands peeking through the top of the swaddle… yay!

  4. Genius!

  5. He is the cutest thing ever!! Caitlyn was cooing when she saw his pictures. I think she has a crush.

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