Posted by: Ingrid | February 10, 2010

Month Six: Baby Steps to Frustration

Dear Isaac,

Where to start?  I feel like this has been the craziest of the six months you’ve spent outside the womb.  Consequently, I have not been nearly as diligent in recording every little thing that you do.  Because, Dude, you used to hang out in a basket and sleep and look cute.  And now… well, those sleeping in a basket days are long gone.

We’ll start with sleep, which has been so much better ever since I went with your Dad’s plea that we move you to the nursery.  You sleep, I sleep, we all sleep, and I am finally making use of the rocking chair in your room.  I love sitting in there at 3:00 am when we’re the only ones awake.  Not that I love being up in the middle of the night, mind you, but I love getting that time with you as you lay swaddled on my lap, sinking back into blissful slumber.  You’re sleeping really well now, and I thank you for it.

On the teething front, you continue to drool and teethe with a vengeance

but have yet to pop out any teeth except for your bottom front.  We have learned, however, that the universal word for teeth when speaking to a baby is “teefers”.  As in, Oh my, look at those cute little teefers in your mouth. I sort of feel like if spell check doesn’t want to acknowledge that as a word I don’t have to either, but everyone else seems to have the understanding that this is the word to use!  You not only stick things in your mouth now, you chomp on them, hard.  Fortunately you seem to have grasp the “No biting Mommy” rule we have in place.

Favorites for you this month have been watching your out of tune mobile turning above your head and playing with your fuzzy blanket or any other blanket that you can eat.  We pulled out your Exersaucer which we fondly refer to as your desk and you can play there happily (sometimes) when you aren’t getting frustrated.

Another favorite is faces; touching them, sticking your fingers in people’s mouths, pulling a face close to you, and men’s facial hair all have you fascinated.  Especially the facial hair.  Not only do you like the feel of it, but I think you feel some sort of kinship with any man you see sporting a beard.  You give him this look as if to ask, Are you my Daddy?  No wait, you aren’t but he has scruffy stuff on his face too, so you must be cool.

You love to talk and seem to have an opinion about everything that you want to vocalize.  The problem is we have no idea what you’re saying.  I told myself at the beginning that I was not going to be one of those people who babbles to her baby, making myself ridiculous by loudly saying things like: ga-ga-ga.  But then you started babbling and I find myself encouraging the noises, your latest being da-da-da, though you currently haven’t a clue what it means.

These days rolling over has become passé and your great desire now is to army crawl.  Unfortunately, you don’t really go anywhere, which leads to, what else?  Oh right, our good friend frustration who seems to be lurking everywhere these days.  I’m trying to step back and see that the frustrated noises you make are really you expressing how much you want to be mobile and how annoying it is that you’re not.  Otherwise I end up just about as frustrated as you, but with a bigger vocabulary.

One of my favorites this month has been seeing you discover your feet.  One day you had no clue, the next you were grabbing them in triumph and tearing your socks off to get a better grip.

It’s like you had no idea that something so cool and exciting could actually be attached to you.  And there are TWO of them.  And really, who needs socks anyway?  This discovery has led to the addition of “This little Piggy Went to Market” to our repertoire which features favorites like, The Wheels on the Bus” and “Pat-a-cake”.  Much fun and repetition is had by all.

A few more of my favorite things include the fact that your fuzzy hair is actually coming in (with a few strays that are much longer than the rest) and I can’t keep my hands off of it.  I also love the squirming moves that you make that we have fondly dubbed the ishuffle.  It’s like you’re trying to dance while lying down and it’s awfully cute.

We plan on starting you on some rice cereal in a few days, which should be fun.  In the meantime, you have proved to be a very distracted eater.  If I talk, you stop and look at me.  If your Dad talks, you stop and look at wherever his voice is coming from.  If you aren’t super hungry you end up popping off continually to look at your room, listen to a voice, look at the world upside down, anything but focus on the task at hand.  It’s sort of funny, sometimes, but most of the time, not.  In your various contortions we have determined that you are developing ab muscles as you twist yourself around and sometimes pull yourself into a V-shape as you attempt to sit up.

I mentioned that you grab faces.  Well, you really grab everything.  Computer on the couch?  Lunge and grab.  Food on a plate?  Hands outstretched and ready to go.  Pens?  Books?  Cups?  Papers?  Hair?  Earrings?  Day planner?  You want it in your hands, now.  And then into your mouth.  And if it doesn’t fit we circle right back ‘round to frustration.

Today we realized that your face grabbing has a purpose.  As I was making you laugh riotously by peppering your cheek with kisses, you grabbed my face and pulled my cheek right up to your open mouth.  You didn’t bite me, you just planted a very wet, very open mouthed kiss smack in the middle of my cheek.  And if that’s not the sweetest most melt-your-heart thing you’ve done this month, I don’t know what is.





  1. wow, does he actually FEED himself as it appears he is about in the photo with the bottle? amazing! I am jealous!!
    It is incredible how similar babies development tends to be. My little one is popping off the breast at every distraction no matter how minor and spends her days pulling off her socks for better toe access!

  2. Ingrid he is so unbelievably cute!! I love him 🙂 Caitlyn just figured out the army crawl about 2 weeks ago so I think he will figure it out soon – Watch out!

  3. Isaac is just GOREGOUS! I mean, seriously – how cute! He looks like so much fun and you’re amazing to have run, given birth, moved across the country, and picked up running without missing a step!!

  4. 6 months is the best age. The best!

  5. I’m reminded of a song by John Fischer about his 6 mo. old son (at the time), Christopher:

    Christopher knows Christopher’s toes;
    He just found them today.
    Up in the air at the end of his chair,
    ten little toes just waiting to play.

  6. Ingrid,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your letter to Isaac along with the pictures! He is just so adorable and cute. It’s wonderful to see you enjoying motherhood so well! Keep it up because time goes by so fast!



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