Posted by: Ingrid | February 20, 2010

Early Literacy is Overated

Call me naive, but I have had fond visions of me and my baby hanging out on the couch together and reading for hours ever since I got pregnant.  I really did…  Stop laughing.

And doesn’t my little reader look cute with his puppy book?

We received this book from the hospital and it is (in good California fashion) translated into both English and Spanish.  Though I still cannot understand how “Woof! Woof!”  translates to “Guau!  Guau!” Isaac loves it.  This is partly due to the fact that it’s a touch and feel book.  You can feel the puppies’ fur, touch the rough basket, feel the smooth bowl, etc.  Unfortunately, this has set him up for disappointment with all his other books that just have words and pictures.  Understandably, this leaves him just a bit distressed.

Anyway, my picturesque reading hopes were dashed after a week of three finger sweeps and countless lunges to save whatever piles of paperwork were close at hand er, mouth.  Yesterday he bit a chunk out of his cardboard puppy book.

Aren’t those things supposed to be safe for kids?

Maybe we’ll stick to story telling for a while.



  1. That is so funny. Well, I had the same exepctations, but the time will come. The Lorax had no patience for that when he was so young. But he loves reading now, or I mean looking at books, and he has since about 16 months… so your dream will come true. But no point in pusing it.

    I love “guau guau”. In Danish it can be “bjæf bjæf”. But the funniest is a horse’s neigh, which is “vrinsk”. Whaaaa ??

    • I think if I had a horse that said, “Vrinsk” I would promptly send it to the vet! It’s so interesting to hear what animal sounds are in other countries.

  2. Italian dogs say: “bau, bau”. However the babies I have met, of many different nationalities now, all seem to say: “aaaaaahhhhhgggggaaaaaa”

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