Posted by: Ingrid | February 25, 2010

Six Month Stats

At six months, Isaac is holding his own in size.

Height: 27.5 inches and in the 85th percentile

Weight: 18 pounds 10 ounces and in the 75th percentile

Head Circumference: 18 inches and in the 90th percentile

I cannot wait until the next appointment at nine months.  No shots!

What!  No shots, Mom!?!?

Isaac was pretty happy about that too.



  1. Oh my gosh – that is the cutest picture ever!

  2. Hi there! Your blog was linked at the bottom of one of my posts so I’ve been catching up. We have a son called Isaac too! He’s about the same age as your little guy, although I’m not sure. I’m curious though – what do you mean, no shots?

    • Our pediatrician said that he wouldn’t be getting any shots at his nine month visit. I haven’t checked my Dr. Sears book yet to see if it says something different though. 🙂

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