Posted by: Ingrid | March 1, 2010

Farewell to February


February go away and please never come back.


I had no idea what a nasty, gray, slushy, long month February was even though everyone and their mother warned me and told me that even though they’ve been in Michigan 50 years they hate February with a passion.

I have had the worst time getting on to blog for the past month, but now that it’s March first I feel like I might be around here a bit more.  What’s my excuse for my absence?  Well, nothing except a bad case of the Februaries.

I have never hated a month before.  I grew up in Fresno, a place where some ridiculous person once had the bright idea of starting a city in the middle of a desert.  The summers there were miserable, with temperatures sometimes hitting over 100 degrees for weeks straight and hardly cooling off at night.  I remember plenty of nights as a child when I went to bed, stripping off as many clothes as I possibly could and laying cold washcloths on my skin to try to cool off enough too fall asleep.

But even after years of that I never decided to officially hate July or August.

But the verdict is in.  I hate February.  How can the shortest month of the year feel so long?  How can it be that gray, that dismal, that cold, and that miserable for that long?  I felt like I sailed right through January and naively thought that February would be more of the same.  It wasn’t.  But folks, February is OVER.  Over.  Done.  Finished.  And there is sunshine coming through the window as I write.  It couldn’t be more glorious.

I guess it’s taken me 30 and 1/12 of a year to learn that I run on solar energy and I felt gray of February acutely this year.  Suddenly I feel like I can actually think about a race schedule and a training program.  The future seems to be sparkling with all of the possiblitiy that it holds.  I feel like I could go to school full time, run 60 miles a week, mother 8 children while working a job, sewing all our clothes, making homeade bread and yogurt and possibly compete in women’s speedskating in the Olympics all at the same time.  This is what seeing the sun does to me.

I suppose the key to March will be to not overcommit myself every time the sun is out.

But then, some people say that March here is just like February, only longer.

In which case, you will see me back here sometime after I recuperate from a bad case of March misery.



  1. I hate February, too! Are those your daffodils in the picture? I just noticed the crocuses bravely peeking their blossoms out of the ground here today, and it made me so much happier. Here’s to hoping that winter is truly leaving us.

    • I would like to say that those are my daffodils, but that would be a lie. I tend to kill plants, so that’s just a google image that I found that made me think of spring. 🙂

  2. I echo your post a million times over. All day yesterday I kept saying to myself “It’s March! It’s March!”. The worst part of this is that I’m in Alabama… You made it through February, you can make it through March. Plant some flowers. (Maybe inside!)

  3. I’m a summer girl 100% and the US winters are fine to start with . .. then OK, we are there yet? . . then seriously . . are we done here? I think my running has also changed pace as a result (being in the gym, not wanting to log long treadmill miles) not to mention there are definitely more mentally blah days. But at least it is March! 🙂

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