Posted by: Ingrid | March 28, 2010

Vampire Toes

You’d think it would be my four-toothed child who was chewing through socks these days, but it’s not.  My toes have  decided, despite all the trimming of nails that I do, to make it a habit of devouring my running socks.  They chew right through the fabric, sometimes in a single wearing.  Not kidding.  I bought a three pack, wore a pair to run the following day and came home with matching holes in my socks.

What to do?  I am mildly allergic to the thought of spending lots of money on running socks.  My toes don’t make it a habit of chewing through regular socks, just my running ones.  So aside from avoiding the Walmart special, does anyone know of a brand of steel-toed running socks for my toes that apparently sprout fangs as soon as I cover them up?



  1. Tilley Endurables. They sell socks called “Unholey Socks” and they really are.

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