Posted by: Ingrid | April 1, 2010

A not so great day, a personal best

I was up a lot last night with a sick baby who then proceeded to run a fever today and be very clinging in a sort of adorably pathetic way.

That was not a great way to start the morning.  Then I got a call from my Dad, and when you see that someone from California is calling at 6:00 am their time, it’s usually not good news.  I knew something was wrong as soon as he said hello.  Once you’ve gotten one of those life altering calls in the middle of the night you’re always suspicious that suddenly there will be a call and someone will be gone.  It wasn’t quite as bad as that, but it was bad.  My nineteen-year-old brother and a friend had been driving and the car had flipped over.  My brother was in the ER with a broken lower back and who knows what else.   I saw the picture tonight here and I’m glad I didn’t think to look before.

That was an even worse way to continue the morning that hadn’t begun well.  When my dear husband came home in the afternoon he offered to watch our clingy child so I could get out for a run.  I was torn between doing a five mile “junk mileage” run or trying to do the eight mile tempo run with the six miles that I was supposed to do in 45 minutes.  I did the same run two weeks ago and came in at 45:38 but it seemed like so much work.

But the day was beautiful and sunny and I knew that there was no way I’d feel like a fast six miles in the morning.  I grabbed my sunglasses and went out in shorts and a t-shirt, no gloves, scarf, or hat necessary!  What a difference!  Aside from the wind that was blowing against me for over half of the run (how can the wind possibly feel like it’s coming from three different directions?) running conditions were perfect.  I got three personal bests out of the run.  Yes, count them!  One, two, three!  First, despite the fact that the first and last mile were warmup/cooldown miles and therefore very slow, I still finished the eight miles in 62:30.  I ran my six mile tempo run int 43:55 and continued on to a 10K in 45:26.  Wow!  I guess speedwork and warmer weather really makes a difference!

I have to say, that was a great pick-me up and a good way to escape life’s problems for about an hour.  A nice hard run is good for that.



  1. Very sorry about your bother, but glad he will probably end up alright. Awesome job with your running! I am so glad to hear your speedwork has been effective. Keep it up! No reason to think it won’t keep making you faster. And isn’t it just super fun to fly on practice runs?

    • It is fun! I love how it feels! I hope that you’re having a great time in the US. If you ever happen to be in lower Michigan, let me know! 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your brother’s accident. I hope that he and his friend will recover quickly and easily from their injuries.
    So happy for you that you achieved three personal bests! I love it when I have a bad day but then a really good, fast run. Yea for you!

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