Posted by: Ingrid | April 22, 2010

Not my week

If that old theater saying that a horrible dress rehearsal makes for a great performance can also be applied to running I am in for a fantastic half marathon on Saturday.  Oh wait, except for the thunderstorms still in the forecast for that day.  Right.  This has been the worst running week I’ve had since the training program started.  I have gotten in a total of 10 miles this week, the one tempo run I did was miserable and slow, the speed work never happened.  My hamstring is tight and yesterday I stopped my run because my heel hurt.  None of this leaves me very encouraged.

All this has managed to dovetail nicely with a super fussy and clinging 8 month old baby.  Moms out there… is this a phase?  Do all babies go through a clingy always whining stage when they’re constantly teething and before they start crawling?  It’s seriously driving me crazy.  I don’t want to teach him that whining gets attention but I also have no clue what’s going on with him and am not going to ignore him.

Tell me I’m not alone!



  1. Can’t help you with the clinginess, but when my trainer’s son was just under a year old, he would wake up from his naps and literally cling so tight to her, that she kept telling him he couldn’t get back inside her! 🙂 He doesn’t anymore so maybe it is a phase? Good luck with your 1/2! My first is on Sunday and it’s supposed to be raining . . but not too cold and not too hot so thankful for that. You’ll be great!!

  2. I truly, truly believe that the way you feel the week before a race and even the morning of the race itself has ZERO correlation with how you will perform (barring of course extremes like really severe illness, broken bones etc.) Try not to let the sub-par week of training get you down. And don’t try to compensate with any extra running between now and the race, you’ll only tire yourself out. Shake it off mentally and let it rip on race day!

  3. Yep, it’s just a phase. Once he starts crawling, he will be far less frustrated.

    The week before a race always seems to be a bad one. I think any twinge feels like it is magnified as you get closer to race day. I just ran a half on the weekend and felt the same way all last week. I was so stressed out about it (worried I wouldn’t get a PR) and out of the blue my hip flexor hurt…bad. The two nights before the race, my kids were up during the night and I thought I was done for. Race day, legs felt great and got the PR…then I wondered what I was so stressed about! Hope you have a great run on Sat. It is always nice to get that first race over after baby! And, you will surprise yourself with how all the running came back!

  4. Oh, they’re awful before they start crawling. Before any big developmental leap, really.

    If they start acting like crankypants in new and amazing ways, it’s almost certain they’re about to learn to crawl or walk . . . or understand hypothetical questions . . . or any other gigantic leap of brain or body. It’s frustrating, but it usually means that good stuff’s coming!

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