Posted by: Ingrid | May 3, 2010

A moment of levity

I am finishing up the Nutrition class I’ve been slogging through this semester and only have the 200 question final left that I will probably take tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the instructor has been less than helpful in giving us direction for maximizing our study time.  She might as well have summed it up by telling us to re-read our 724 page text book, look over all past quizzes, and read the entire notebook full of modules for the class.  All you have to do is know everything, right?  So while my head is full of all sorts of important information – whether or not CAPD patients get more protein or less and the differences between palliative and curative care for the dying patient – I found a wonderful typo in the exciting Diet in Renal Disease chapter.  Maybe it’s sad when a typo can make your day, but this one did!

“Malnutrition in hemodialysis clients is associated with increased morality and morbidity.”

The impact of malnutrition on modern America’s increased morality…  I think that’s a paper just waiting to be written!

Okay, back to studying.


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